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Practical Magick: Banish Despair

Practical Magick: Banish DespairSimple Magic for Sadness and Despair. Over the years, I have received at least my fair share of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments, including medications, therapies, and even electro convulsive…

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Practical Magick: Good Question

Practical Magick: Good QuestionAbundance, Romance and Success – new style affirmations. A new way of creating affirmations for people too intelligent and sarcastic to get along with the traditional kind. If you ever find…

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Practical Magick: Sigils

Practical Magick: SigilsIf you are interested in shaping reality through the use of magic, you’ll want to learn about these weird and witchy symbols: sigils. In this episode I explain how magic is a technology, and how to use…

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Practical Magick – Signs, Omens & Synchronicities

Practical Magick – Signs, Omens & SynchronicitiesSigns, Omens and Synchronicities: in other words, fundamentals of Augury: the practice of reading and making sense of portents. This is the language the Universe uses…

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Practical Magick: Hypersigils

Practical Magick: HypersigilsIf you are soul incarnated in a human body, and you desire things, you may wish to try your hand at magic. Hypersigiling – a specific form of writing – is one of the most potent spells I…

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Practical Magick: Quick and Dirty Alchemy

Practical Magick: Quick and Dirty AlchemyIf you’re casting magic or setting intentions, ‘non-attachment to outcome’ is a key ingredient. The only way to ‘not care’ is to be deeply and blissfully OK…

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