Practical Magick: Self Confidence

Why confidence and power is key to your spiritual growth path – and how you can increase yours.

Self confidence is the deep belief in our abilities and skills, as well as embracing the quirks and differences that make us so adorable.

Lack of confidence can hold us back in all areas of our life, from excelling in our career to building fulfilling relationships.

So finding a way to solve this problem is vitally important, so that you can pursue the sacred calling to pursue your desires, dreams and ambitions.

In this video you’ll learn:
What IS a lack of self-confidence, really [01:25]
How confidence is linked to power [02:07]
A vulnerable example of bravery [03:00]
Actionable steps to feel more confident [03:45]

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- Transcript -

If you ever experience a lack of self confidence, I’ve got magick to share that will make feats that seem inconceivable today, entirely possible tomorrow.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician, as (of course) are you, and I am here to awaken you to your magical power.

But before we get going, a tip: if you are a very intelligent person with a minuscule attention span, like me, adjust the playback of this lesson to 1.25 speed : it helps me greatly to absorb attention even when I am feeling scattered.

The information I share on this channel can genuinely change your life to an overall experience of joy and bliss instead of suffering. So it would therefore be sensible to subscribe, and click the little picture of a bell, so you never miss a class.

I received a question: Anna, how can I boost my self confidence once and for all?

This is a topic that plagues so many people: lack of confidence can hold us back in all areas of our life, from building a career to building fulfilling relationships. And so finding a way to solve this problem is vitally important, so that you can pursue your desires, dreams and ambitions. And pursuing our desires is a very sacred calling – and don’t you dare let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Before we progress to the magic, let’s first properly understand what we are speaking about. Lack of self-confidence, is actually just fear, dressed up prettily so that we don’t have to acknowledge the brutal truth. All those things we’re not doing – is because we’re afraid. So lack of self-confidence is not a personality trait, it is a human trait. We all experience fear.

And self-confidence, as you know when you feel it, is the deep belief in your abilities and skills, and the embracing of the quirks and differences that make you so adorably you. Someone who is very self-confident exudes a kind of natural power, and that is part of what needs to be unpicked, because very often among sensitive, spiritual and soulful people, power has something of a bad reputation. So people will prefer to stay lacking confidence, rather than be accused of being power hungry or arrogant – as if that were a terrible thing.

So if you feel uncomfortable being powerful, that is definitely something you will need to explore before being able to consistently move past your fear. Moving past fear – or bravery, in other words, IS an act of personal power, so you won’t be able to do this unless you are ok with experiencing yourself that way – and of course, you need to embrace the concept of your personal power in order to fulfil your soul’s mission on earth.

As an example of bravery, I vulnerably share this story. Typically, when I am preparing to record one of these videos, my inner critic – holder of the vessel called ‘fear’ – berates me. ‘You look like a clown! You look like a fucking clown! Everyone is laughing at you!’ Oh beloved, I respond. Thank you so much protecting me and keeping me from harm. but really, I am ok. I don’t mind too much if people laugh. I like my make up like this. I’m going to be ok.

This is to illustrate that despite all this – I do not experience myself as confident. I experience myself as brave.

For practical and actionable advice: the first suggestion I would make is to work with your deities. If you are into planetary magic, as I am, making a petition to Mercury for confidence in matters of business and communication; to Venus in matters of love and relationships; to Jupiter in matters of money, Mars for confidence in competition and Saturn for confidence holding boundaries and feelings of safety, for example, will all serve you well.

If you have an interest in the energy centres of the body, called the chakras in Eastern traditions, then finding a meditation and embodiment practices specifically to heal the root chakra and is recommended for giving a feeling of security.

And another extremely powerful practice for developing your confidence is affirmations. If you watched my previous video on the subject you’ll know that I personally prefer really good questions, so I suggest consistently and repeatedly asking yourself something like : “how did I become so confident?” “how did I unlock such courage and power?” ask yourself the questions, and when the hint of an answer pops into your thoughts, follow it with the tenacity of a hound on a scent.

But remember this vital point: magic requires a mundane means of manifestation. In other words, you need to also DO THINGS that will enable your self-confidence to grow. Which means, I am sorry to tell you, challenging your fears.

Unfortunately, confidence, in my experience, FOLLOWS action, not the other way round, and confidence grows by repeatedly doing scary things and discovering that, in fact, ‘the worst case scenario’ very rarely happens and, if it does, we are able to alchemise that pain – that rejection, humiliation, the negative feedback or troll comments – into power (and you’ll see more about that in my lesson on Quick and Dirty alchemy which is invaluable to this subejct).

The work required in order to be able to do these scary things is to consistently question and reframe the stories we tell ourselves, and recognise that the fear itself is a construct of our own imagination. We have IMAGINED ourselves into a state of trembling paralysis. Once we recognise this, we can of course imagine ourselves into a different and more empowered state.

Developing self-confidence and personal power is very much a practice and NOT, I am afraid, something that is ‘done’ once and for all. My experience has been that by making a point of doing something terrifying, and then noting the results, the stories I tell myself about the dangers of risking criticism, negative feedback or ridicule, loosen their grip and my capacity for doing more ‘scary’ things expands.

When the Universe puts a frightening step in your path, and you take it, your guidance becomes clearer, intuition stronger, your personal power increases and the rewards from the Universe are greater – Your Holy Guardian Angel WANTS to see you challenge your fears.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your step to serene self-confidence and expanded personal power. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world, now that you no longer allow fear to hold you back.

Thanks so much for watching, please remember to subscribe for more life-changing lessons, I love you, and I will see you next time.