Practical Magick – Banish Despair

Simple Magic for Sadness and Despair.

Over the years, I have received at least my fair share of psychiatric diagnoses and treatments, including medications, therapies, and even electro convulsive therapy.

Apparently, they couldn’t burn this witch.

So I have learned a thing or two about surviving these periods. Here is my recipe, in case of emergency.

00:00 Start
00:27 Psychiatry and me
00:50 Disowning disorder
01:40 A recipe: In Case of Emergency
01:55 The importance of hydration
02:07 Extend love
02:27 Confide
02:35 Gentle magic
03:05 Wet dreams

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- Transcript -

I mean, bliss, ease and joy are cool and everything, but have you ever tried a delicious hot dose of despair? I’m about to give you a delectable and sensuous way to be with misery.

Hello, my name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician, as of course are you and it may not surprise you to learn that I have over the years received at least my fair share of psychiatric diagnosis and treatments, including medications, therapies and even electroconvulsive therapy. Apparently, they couldn’t burn this witch.

After I decided to stop thinking of my moods or personality as being in any way disordered, I began instead considering myself to be beautiful, powerful and whole. And coincidentally, I began to become beautiful, powerful and whole. All of this is to explain that my shadow loves to crawl-splash through the murky waters of anxiety, despair, helplessness, shame and rage.

Thankfully, these days it is almost always a fleeting visit. But I have learned a thing or two about surviving these periods. In my experience, these practices help by changing our response to what we’re going through. In the words of Byron Katie, ‘We only suffer when we argue with reality.’

So here is my recipe, in case of emergency. One, rename what is going on. This is not a low mood or a funk or an existential crisis. Call it an integration. Drink a glass of water because it never hurts to do so and add a flower essence or clove tincture if they are to hand.

In a hot, comforting alchemical bath, invite your sadness to come forward and play. Meet them as you would your favorite child or pet completely willing to be with them without trying to change or judge only love contact a confidant. It will help you and them.

Give yourself some self touch, followed by some gentle magical practices like lighting the candles and incense on your altar, drawing a tarot card. Hypersigiling from a better place next week. Draw a glyph of your deity on your body, give yourself nourishing food and tuck itself into bed for an early night.

Fall asleep in conversation with your dream genius with a clear request for sexy dreams about your holy guardian angel with a rakish smile, enchanted to watch you squirm and suffer. I hope you will save this video so that you can use it next time you experience a crisis of despair. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to this channel and have a look in the description below where I will link the practices I mentioned today.

I send you my love. Thank you for being here with me and I will see you next time.