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Practical Magick: Planetary Magic explained – The Sun

If you’re a person who is shamelessly chasing success, embracing ambition, wealth, pride and power, then, needless to say, you’re going to have to get comfortable in the spotlight. Here’s how you can connect with none other than Helios,…

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Practical Magick: Planetary Magic for beginners – Saturn

If you're a person who wants to get things done in this extremely mundane world of law, limitation and regulation, if you want to create lasting foundational wealth, an estate or a castle, then hiring Saturn to your team could be one of…

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Practical Magick: The Spirit of Money

If you are using magic in order to amass great wealth, I strongly recommend you initiate a relationship with the Spirit of Money at your earliest convenience. If you haven’t explored Money’s shadow before this might be a lot to take in,…

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Practical Magick: Glamour Magick Explained

Listen: you're just not like other people. If you dare, you can enchant the very thing that makes you so different, and make it a force of magnetic attraction and genuine influence. Are you ready to learn about Glamour? My name is Anna…

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Practical Magick: Enchant Your Marketing

The awful truth is, if you're trying to grow a business, then you're going to have to attract customers, you're going to have to become magnetic. But just how does the average person do this. Magnetism far from being something that one…

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Practical Magick: Doing the things you hate

Practical Magick: Doing the things you hate

If you are committed to growing a magical business in order to achieve every dream you ever had, the terrible truth is you're going to need to do plenty of things that you really don't want to. And if you're a sensitive soul, as most…

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