If you interact with magic, you’re probably very turned on by hilarious new ways of working with your shadow, so that you can get more money, sex and power. Stay tuned, kittens.

As usual if you are very clever with a short attention span like me adjust the playback on this lesson to 1.25 or even 1.5 speed: it will help your focus.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician (as of course are you), and I am here to awaken you to your fullest magical power.

Today we are getting into it with Demons. Naturally, I will begin by explaining why you would want to embark on such a venture, and after that I shall teach you how to begin demon work for fun and profit.

Before we begin you will find the concepts I share here far more fully explained in Uncle Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons, which I shall detail below. I found the practice so invigorating, I am compelled to share it with you all here.

Setting aside the better known demons of the ancient grimoires, understanding our own demons, closer to home, is an important body of work – a lifetime’s work, in fact – because our demons are the little spirits, the gnarly knots of karma, trauma, conditioning and limitation, that hold us back from the manifestation of our every desire.

These demons are indeed a personification of our shadows – both individual and collective. If you are a regular viewer, you will know that there are many ways of addressing these demons, some of which are outlined in the previous lesson on shadow work.

And today I present another method to add to your craft basket. It is an approach to life’s suffering and struggles that encourages an attitude of curiosity and play; which alone is reason enough to pay close attention followed by gleeful experimentation.

In a moment we will talk about identifying and conversing with demons, but first some context to our demonic invocations.

The central axiom we are working with is to treat all of life as you would wish to be treated. Empathise with recalcitrant technology, converse with the weather… study and name the patterns of frustration (and success!) in your life, then create a conscious (rather than unconscious, as it has been until now) relationship with them.

This is the principle of animism: the attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena…. where nothing is ‘inanimate’ – everything is ‘possessed’ of a spirit or intelligence. And here we are extending that attribution of a spirit to PATTERNS of emotions, situations, circumstances. We are noticing patterns (which is an incredible gift of the human brain) and ascribing soul, spirit and intelligence to them.

I strongly encourage you to believe whatever you like, about the literal existence, or not, of demons; simply ‘try on’ animism as an optional set of rules for this Game of Limitation – I’ve found few more powerful techniques for handling whatever life throws at us.

And as we all know by now, when you look for intelligence, with your heart and your incredible human brain, when you look for intelligence in a thing, or in this case in a PATTERN – you will find it.

The first major benefit of animism is this: once you ascribe a soul and spirit to a thing, you can enter a relationship with it. You can communicate, and learn from one another, and compromise or even collaborate.

And the other great benefit of summoning demons in this way, is that it instantly forgives and absolves YOUR self from any sense of blame or responsibility for this situation, no longer is there any sense in trying to ‘puzzle’ your way through the problem, taxing your poor dear brain to come up with ‘the answer’. No longer is there is anything wrong with you that means you can’t make more than a certain number of pounds a month – it’s just that you live with a demon who depends upon your financial stricture.

And in case you still need persuading, this method has has a wonderful side effect: that you learn to treat all other beings in a more empathic, compassionate and humane way. including all other humans, and including of course, yourself.

Now that we understand why it is worth talking to demons, let’s understand how to talk to them.

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To find your demon, identify any area of your life in which you feel pain or struggle. Some common demons include depression; sickness; nostalgia, or the feeling that everything used to be so much better; lingering injury; our feelings towards our bodies; low self-esteem; financial scarcity; scarcity of love and connection; stress and anxiety.

And having decided on just one of these demons, we can converse with them through divination. Uncle Ramsey, suggests internal divination first, which works like this: generating (through the power of imagination) a strong physical sense of the ‘do not like’ emotion and become very clear on what it feels like in the body. Where it lives, the temperature, whether it prickles, aches, fizzes or burns etc. Ask the demon if this will represent a ‘yes’ answer, and then continue to ask ‘yes/no’ questions using physical sensation as an indication of the affirmative.

For people like me, who are less naturally intuitive, a pendulum may be used instead.

And then as we move forward in life we can look at the ‘mood’ of the pattern or system and ask “If I were in that mood, what might I do next?” and then observing what does happen next.

Imagine we have a demon who is sabotaging our efforts to grow a successful business. How do we address that demon? Presumably, the effect of the demand means that you dwell on where the next client will come from, brood on the possibility of being forced to admit defeat, accumulate pain of rejection and failure.

And we need to turn our attention away from the negative and ask what is gained. Does it confirm a prejudice you carry? Does it allow you to be deliciously helpless and needing rescuing? If you can uncover some hidden benefit, this is an excellent conversation starter because it transforms the relationship you have with one being who is always loyal – the demond. Now they have been reframed as a caring figure who works hard to keep you safe, and you are both in a better position to discuss the problem at hand and seek a mutually agreeable solution.

May I speak with the demon who relies upon my feeling of financial scarcity? Do you adore when I am worried about money? would you be willing to compromise or even collaborate, so that we can both get our needs met? would you be willing to exchange my fear and worry for excitement and arousal? would you be prepared to change the rules of the game so that you rely on my exhilaration? shall we partner up to see just how fast we can get rich? will you be happy to speak with me again soon?

My loves, you are too clever! You have spotted it! This is another form of alchemy. Does you need to believe in demons? Absolutely not. Is this all just imagination? Absolutely. Your human mind and power of imagination is the greatest power you have, and you can use it to turn the rules with which you have been playing this game called life upside down and inside out and play it however you choose.
Are microscopic movements in my fingers influencing the pendulum? Of course they are! The creative force of the entire universe lives within me, I am the entire dreamer of this dream! I know every answer to every question I will ever ask – the pendulum just helps to get it out.

If you are in psychotherapy, your therapist may use the term ‘projections’ to refer to demons. Psychotherapy is a noble calling and an excellent form of self care, but I find working with demons to be far quicker and more hilarious.

And like all magic, once you decide it is true, the Universe starts to unfolding exactly as if it was true. So what will it be? Do you wish to live in a world of magic, or not?

Oh, and I should point out to you, that if your demons start acting up now – well of course it’s because they’ve been watching this lesson with you and may now become upset or even resentful if you do not initiate contact. Of course they may also be relieved and take the opportunity to gain even tighter control over you.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world, now that your shadow knows it is accepted, adored and admired.

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