If you are devoutly committed to achieving never-ending bliss, you’ll probably need to be in touch with your Holy Guardian Angel. But who, where, what, why and… I suppose… how, *is* this uncomfortably named spiritual entity? Keep watching to find out.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician (as of course are you), a writer and shaman of words, and my purpose here is to equip you with the tools and concepts you need to achieve your hearts’ desires.

Today we are talking about the Holy Guardian Angel. Plenty of magicians love to shroud this being in mystery and create a sense of exclusivity around knowledge of this angel… in fact, the relationship is eminently available to anyone willing to see past the awkward pseudo-Christian nomenclature, and decide that they are ready and able to meet them. I’m going to tell you exactly how to go about this, but first let’s set the stage with some foundational understanding.

The Holy Guardian Angel as a concept first appears in Western Occultism in the very beginning of the 20th century in the Book of Abremelin by the deliciously named Abraham of Worms. And knowledge of and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel was emphasised by famous British occultist, troublesome uncle Alister Crowley and his contemporaries in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as being the ultimate purpose of the spiritual path – that this IS the great alchemical work of gnosis.

One way of looking at this is to consider that at least one definition of the Higher Self would be the pure, divine energetic essence of us – whereas the Holy Guardian Angel is the personification of that essence.

Each of us is in a binding and non-dissolvable relationship with our Holy Guardian Angel from the moment we are born until we shuffle off this mortal coil. And, somewhat confusingly given the name, if you look to them for protection from suffering you are very likely to be disappointed.

We could hypothesise that the Holy Guardian Angel is actually the divine elements of our ‘selves’, the eternal spirit who has put forward a small part of themselves to be incarnated into a human body. Living in complete, unopposed creative bliss may get to be a little wearing after an eternity, so a short period – say around 80 years, give or take – inhabiting the frailty of the human body for a round of the Game of Limitation (or as we call it ‘life’) is a welcome diversion.

And unfortunately for our poor human souls, the Holy Guardian Angel loves dramatic tension. They love a great story including tragedy, heart-break, disatisfaction, despair, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and other such dances. They are every bit as enchanted by our suffering as they are by our bliss.

But the Holy Guardian Angel is unequivocally tethered to the divine source – any time we feel our egoic self dissolve, replaced by that incredibly expansive knowledge of ourselves as the creator of the entirely universe – that is connection to the Holy Guardian Angel.

Debate about whether the Holy Guardian Angel is an internal part of us or an external entity are entirely moot if we accept ourselves as indistinguishable from the divine creator. Internal or external, the end result is the same and the initiation of knowledge and conversation is reached in the same way, so the debate only serves as a distraction from that important work.

There are a number of different rites and rituals created specifically for the purpose of contacting your Holy Guardian Angel but the common themes tend to be retreat from society, prayer, fasting and surrender. And if you are on a strict spiritual path, those routes are indeed highly recommended.

BUT, as with all things in magick, there is very little that is a hard pre-requisite. The fact is, that if you are just starting out on a spiritual path you will probably be more interested in practical magick – or magick to get things (usually money, power and sex) – than transcendence for it’s own sake. And if you’re at the point of being interested in contacting the Holy Guardian Angel, you’re probably ready and able.

You could also experiment with some easier and more pleasurable practices than fasting, isolation and prayer. If you adopt, even temporarily, the idea that the Holy Guardian Angel is the voice of our intuition and provider of our inspiration, for example, you could try created a committed meditation practice with the specific intention of encountering the HGA and see what happens.

In shadow work, knowledge of the Holy Guardian Angel is particularly fun, because, as our eternal guides, they take ultimate responsibility for delivering to us all the experiences we learn and grow from which, it just so happens, are usually the painful and difficult ones. It would be easy to come to resent them, in this case, so it helps to visualise them as a devastatingly, magnetically attractive, sadistically sexy lover, who is endlessly aroused by our frustration, humiliation, desperation and despair.

Framed that way, and with the understanding that pain is in fact a source of power (as you can see in my lesson on Quick and Dirty Alchemy), is a pretty effective way of ending your human suffering – which is a pretty big promise, and one I recommend you explore.

Whether you are *actually* contacting the Holy Guardian Angel through your kinky fantasies or whether you are *imagining* it is largely beside the point – the important thing being that you are digiligant in your efforts and follow through on the wisdom you are given.

Encountering the Holy Guardian Angel is universally a positive experience although it may require dramatic changes to your life path. They will reveal your true life purpose, and your path, so it is a work to be undertaken with diligence and devotion and I wish you only the very best of luck with your endeavours to meet your kinky, sadistic guide.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world.

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