Hello, I’m Anna Bellissima.

I’m a ceremonial magician, copywriter, witch, marketer, teacher, mother, knitter, intuitive and eternal student, and I am devoted to making your wildest dreams come true.

My Great Work is to introduce you to your creative genius, so you can express yourself fearlessly and get paid to do so.

As a copywriter, I help my soulful and spiritual friends and clients make money and create impact – rewards they know they deserve – and infused with magic for an extra boost of power.

And on my YouTube channel and classes, I teach people to inject a little magical thinking into daily life, so that everything can become a work of art, and a route to bliss.

I’ve always had a gift for taking very complex and nuanced ideas, and making them really easy for people to understand. Coupled that with an insatiable curiosity for human potential, and I can pretty easily pinpoint what makes you happy, successful and fulfilled, and how to communicate that to your ideal customers.

I came by this work after a decades-long dark night of the soul which ended when I took the radical decision to love myself unconditionally. No matter how badly I wanted to be mean. A small first step that led to an unfurling of power and magic that I could not have dreamed of.

Thank you so much for being here.

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With love,