Practical Magick – Hypersigils

If you are soul incarnated in a human body, and you desire things, you may wish to try your hand at magic.

Hypersigiling – a specific form of writing – is one of the most potent spells I know, and in this video I share exactly how to go about turning a straightforward journalling exercise, into irresistible magic.

00:00 Start
00:38 Defining our terms
01:14 Technologies to change the rules of The Game of Limitation
01:50 Basic explanation of a hypersigil
02:03 Beyond journalling
02:15 Suggested practice, step by step
03:00 Example hypersigil entry

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- Transcript -

If you are a soul incarnated in a human body and if you desire things you may wish to try your hand at magic. I’m about to tell you one of the most potent spells I know.

Hello my name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician as of course are you and in a moment I’m going to tell you exactly how to perform this magic word spell. But first let’s define some terms. Magic is the causation of synchronicity. It is the active participation in the creation of synchronicity and synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events which appear to be unrelated in cause but which share an undeniable resonant meaning. So magic therefore is the business of making synchronicities happen. It is participating and molding change rather than resisting it. It is a new way of playing the game of limitation.

And today we’re talking about a couple of technologies you can use for more effective molding of reality. Things of course are always working out perfectly for you but this is about owning your desires and changing the rules of the game of limitation. Now if you watched my first video on this channel you will have seen me talking about sigils and you will be familiar with that which is one of my favorite technologies. But in that video I also briefly mentioned the magical practice of hyper sigiling and I’ve had a lot of inquiries about what that is and how you do it.

Now the simplest explanation of a hyper sigil is that it is a type of journaling exercise so it’s definitely for you if you enjoy writing especially if you enjoy writing with a pen on paper. But beyond the actual writing prompts in hyper sigil is a rich dense layer of intention and magic. So if you want to try this as a practice here’s what I suggest. Plan, prepare and perform a short ceremony of your own design to consecrate your tools, your journal and your pen. Decide that your journal and your pen are a mythic conjoining. Two parts creating a spirit channel between your incarnate soul and the field where reality is created. Make an altar to your journal and pen and keep them on it when you are not feeding them with offerings of your words and wishes. And write in your journal every day describing the events you desire as if they have already come to pass.

So this evening we took the new car out for a spin around the countryside with the top down while the Sun was setting. For such an old old car she is in spectacular condition and such fun to drive. Everyone smiles when they see her. The weather was perfect and just as we arrived home we saw an owl taking off in flight over the ponies field. Now that is not how I recall yesterday’s events but that’s an example of the kind of thing you will be writing as your hyper sigil. Keep your altar clean and tidy, keep feeding your journal with your offerings and let me know exactly what happens.

Right now I am in the middle of writing a 21-day hyper sigil quest, an extended word spell to get you deep into this practice including all of the juicy and delicious flourishes I’ve learned and now include in my practice. If you’re interested I will leave more details in the description below.

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video. Please explore my channel for others and remember if you subscribe you’ll get notified when I post something new. Thank you for being here with me.