Practical Magick – Saturn

Feelings of limitation and constriction? No one gets to expand beyond what we believe is possible, without the say-so of Daddy Saturn.

If you need to make the world of restrictions (laws, legislations, forces apparently outside of your control) work for instead of against you, getting cozy with Saturn can be your short-cut straight past those rings of constriction.

Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing to be scared of. The powers of LAW and ESTABLISHMENT are available to help you, if you trust and take the leap.

In this lesson you will learn
🪐 why on earth you would want to work with Saturn
🪐 basic principles of planetary magick
🪐 how Saturn helped me WIN in court
🪐 a simple ritual to connect with the Saturn current

🦊 Working with Mercury
💥 Quick and Dirty Alchemy

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- Transcript -

If you’re a person who wants to get things done in this extremely mundane world of law, limitation and regulation, if you want to create lasting foundational wealth, an estate or a castle, then hiring Saturn to your team could be one of the most liberating decisions you make. And it’s one I highly recommend. I’m about to exalt his name and share how you too can experience and surrender to this stern and unyielding energy. Stay tuned.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician. As, of course are you. And this channel exists to equip you with all the tools and concepts you need to achieve your every desire. But first, if you are spitfire, smart and a fast learner, set the playback speed to 1.5. You will focus much better that way. Today we are talking about Saturn, the planetary deity, also known in the Greek pantheon as Chronos. I’m going to tell you exactly how to initiate a relationship with him and what you might expect.

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of our Saturn devotions, let’s ask why would we do this? After all, many magicians caution against an overabundance of Saturnian energy living as we do in an earthly realm, which seems often hogtied by regulation, laws, forces restrictions are all around us. Sometimes we feel as though we could scarcely move, let alone fly. So why again would we invite more of this energy? Because as I keep reminding you, the only way to change anything is by loving it.

Hate limitation. Learn to love it. Hate your situation. Discover what there is to adore about it. After all, what do you come to truly understand through studying limitation? That’s right. Limitlessness.

Now, if you’re feeling a slight or large apprehension about welcoming in more of that energy that causes so many of us so much difficulty and strife, then I do not for a moment blame you. What I can tell you is that Saturn is a rigorous and generous teacher, and that the poison path is the fast and maybe the only route to alchemy. And I include poisonous situations, establishments and people here too. Plants and fungi aren’t the only ones who get to be baneful.

Your rituals and intentions will send ripples into the field where reality is created and the results will not arrive in the way you think you need them. Very often they come just as you are giving up hope. In other words, when you are confronted with your helplessness, your limitation, and your illusion of control. Only Saturn can release any being, event or situation from his constraint. You’ll never beat him, so you may as well get down on your knees and beg for mercy.

Remember, you do not need to believe in magic in order to practice it effectively. Magic is a technology. Perform the acts and observe with an earnest and open heart the results. And after that extensive preamble, we are ready to talk more about Saturn for a short general primer on planetary deities. I invite you to look at my earlier episode on working with Mercury. I’ll leave a link, but watch this one first. Here’s what you need to know. Planetary magic is a creative act of relationship building made with intentional offerings, respect and gratitude, specific requests and reciprocity.

Just as Jesus has his cross and his psalms, all the deities have a well-established list of correspondences, things they enjoy to attract their attention: food, drink, herbs, crystals, colours, symbols and so on. Mercury and Jupiter are the two planets most often recommended for business and career purposes. But every one of the planetary deities has extremely useful attributes to lend to your work. My own business is dedicated to Mercury, but I have personally found a great deal of benefit from time spent working with Saturn as well.

As you know, Saturn is the energy of authority, discipline, endurance, limitation, and laws and forces, including from gravity to government. Saturn gives us numbers which quantify and limit everything they touch. Saturn is the gatekeeper to magic and the astral realms and the outer planets of the solar system. He teaches by challenging. He binds your wrists and attends to your education with rigid focus.

Properly asked, he will effectively banish constraints that seem impenetrable, particularly pertaining to law, business and the cultivation of stability and strength. Before I talk you through a simple ritual, I would like to remind you that this channel will change your life if you watch and implement the lessons. Your future self will. Thank you for subscribing so that you never miss a thing. I find Saturn to appreciate a rather understated approach, an offering on a simple wooden tray of a black candle, a small espresso, and perhaps his glyph drawn upon a card.

Next, decide what you will ask for. My first working with Saturn was when I found myself faced with the challenge of obtaining a proper education for one of my children. Faced with a catastrophically underfunded and fundamentally broken special educational needs department, Saturn helped me to focus on the perfect outcome, even when I could not imagine what that might possibly be. My prayer was for an outcome that meets all of my son’s needs and mine, and which liberates my time and energy.

Naturally, we found the perfect situation for him. But then we were required to fight in a legal battle. It would have been easy to fall prey to those old demons of stress and worry as we prepared for our day in court. But I had walked countless miles through the woods, tracks and fields near my home over months, chanting Saturn’s mantra 91 times per walk. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we would win. What happened, in fact, was far stranger.

The local government conceded the case and agreed to our requested solution before the court date. But due to a legal technicality, all parties were still required to appear before the judge. The judge demanded the local government rewrite large sections of my son’s support. Document to make it even more watertight and better in our favour. In other words, we left with a better outcome than I could have imagined. I have personally seen Saturn works similar miracles on bullies, tricksters and scam artists, while legal matches are an obvious choice for petition,

you can quite simply ask for his help navigating this world of limitation and restriction in a way that is always and obviously in your favour. Planetary deities are rather transactional. So tell Saturn what you offer in return for his blessings. More coffee? A dry martini honouring his day, exalting his name. All are perfect. But just be sure when he delivers that you uphold your side of the deal. For the ritual, clear a space.

Be clean. Be in a space that is clean. And gather your offerings. Cleanse the space with smoke or sound, light the candle. Place down the espresso. Ask Saturn to accept your humble offerings. Meditate upon the concept of limitation. Consider all the different ways that limitation manifests in our human experience.

Think about back pain and parking tickets, taxes and bylaws. Faceless, soulless corporations. And the loneliness of the long distance runner.

Thank Saturn for the precious gifts. The laws and forces of physics that keep us tethered in this beautiful human form, tethered here on earth by his command.

Ask him to show you the gift in all limitations, your experience, and to share with you. Focus, authority, diligent cultivation and a love for feeling your feet sink into deep, rich soil.

Ask him to help you bring unshakable wealth. A castle with stone walls three foot thick. To reinforce your own boundaries as you go about bringing your free as a bird dreams into the world. Ask for the courage and steadfastness to limit your dreams by making them real.

Meditate for a short while, imagining the absolute wonder of what it means to allow a planetary energy to adjust reality on your behalf

and feeling supported by this world instead of at odds with it.

Then close the ritual by saying: in thanks for your blessings, Saturn, God of time and death, we shall return to you with more and bounteous offerings and exalt your name.

Saturn, thank you for the generosity with which you share your gifts. Thank you for limitations, including tooth decay and the police. Please enjoy these offerings and leave whenever it pleases you. Then pinch out your candles. Note the ceremony, what you did, how it felt, what you hope for, and what you feel in your journal over the coming days. Note how your moods and dreams are affected, and now you can connect with this energy at any time.

You can get an app for your phone that will chime during Saturn’s hour when you could let the ideas flit across your mind of limitation and all the earth being organized to support you. In the weeks that follow, practicing non-attachment to outcome is your only task aside from the aligned actions, seeking legal advice, filing your tax returns, etc. required as a means to manifestation. If you feel an energy of desperation grasping at a precise outcome, my business has to start making money right fucking now,

use that pulsing fear of not getting it, to practice, assuming a magician’s attitude, as I outlined in my lesson on Quick and Dirty Alchemy. Urgency always masks fear, as does procrastination, and is symptomatic of a divided will. The shadow longs for the drama and intensity of not getting the thing we want, of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And we already know that wicked old shadow usually gets her way.

Personal alchemy, in other words, allows us to stop feeling victimized if the results we create are not quite what we expected. Again, if any of this feels just too unfamiliar, please do go and watch the Mercury episode. But I promise that when you see how Saturn responds, you will feel that deep rooted safety that comes from having immense legal and financial power. The power of rulers at your back. Kitten, I truly hope this short lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power.

I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world with Saturn behind you. Thank you so much for watching. And I will see you here again next time.