Anna Bellissima

Practical Magick: Working with Mercury

If you are a witch, enchantress, magician or any other type of magical, curious person who is running a business, particularly in the early stages, getting the god mercury on your team could be the most lucrative decision you make, and one…

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Practical Magick: Alter Egos

Of course, you may be the kind of person who prefers to observe life from the sidelines, in which case I honor your choices. But if you're rather the type to be interested in playing this game of life to the absolute fullest, splashing…

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Anna looking to heaven

Practical Magick: Guardian Angels

If you are devoutly committed to achieving never-ending bliss, you’ll probably need to be in touch with your Holy Guardian Angel. But who, where, what, why and… I suppose… how, *is* this uncomfortably named spiritual entity? Keep watching…

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Anna, red hair in glittery dress

Practical Magick: Working with Demons

If you interact with magic, you’re probably very turned on by hilarious new ways of working with your shadow, so that you can get more money, sex and power. Stay tuned, kittens. As usual if you are very clever with a short attention span…

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Anna looks aghast

Practical Magick: Shadow Work

If you keep running up against the same patterns of stuckness, being broke, unhappy at work, unlucky in love or any other repeated and tiresome scenario, you need to show your shadow some love. And I'm about to tell you how. Before we…

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Practical Magick: Self Confidence

If you ever experience a lack of self confidence, I’ve got magick to share that will make feats that seem inconceivable today, entirely possible tomorrow. My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician, as (of course) are…

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