Practical Magick - Animism Explained

Practical Magick - Animism Explained

Practical Magick

Animism is one of the most powerful thought forms a modern magician can experiment with.

This brief introduction is an educational primer on the essential concepts and context, and a springboard for you to deliberately experience ancient magic in your 21st Century incarnation.

If you’re a person who likes to use manifestation magic to get things done, you’ll understand how valuable this is.

Watch and understand how Animism can supercharge your magical practice, or be the missing piece of the puzzle in your workings, and will help you get everything you desire.

💋 animism as the original religion and natural state of human devotion
💋 definition of terms
💋 the interconnectedness of all things
💋 how to cause miracles

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🐸 Working with Demons for Fun & Profit

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- Transcript -

Animism is an incredibly potent belief system to adopt for the deliberate causation of miracles. Let’s talk about how we can apply ancient philosophy for fun and profit to modern-day living. My name is Anna Bellisma. I’m an extremely powerful magician as of course are you and I’m here to explore a prehistoric tradition of wisdom that you can adopt today. If you’re whip smart but prone to distraction, adjust my speed to 1.5 or even faster and buckle up because here we go.

To start at the very beginning, Animism is the venerable belief that everything we can perceive from a place to a pebble to a star in the sky possesses a soul. It comes from the Latin root anima meaning breath or spirit and perhaps the level of our most basic makeup as meaning making animals there’s that Latin root again it’s the ancient instinct that still today sees a young child wave hello to the moon. As a practice I highly recommend saying hello to the moon whenever you’re lucky enough to see her. I’m going to give you lots of ideas of how you can work with these spirits and some expected outcomes in a minute but first let’s define our terms.

Wise people who study these things tell me that animism is a contender for the world’s first religion and seems to have developed independently around the world rather than spreading from a single point of origin, which might lead some of us to speculate whether this indicates divine intervention. Moreover, it just feels true that we, with our beautiful big brains and love of spotting patterns and finding interpretations, would ascribe meaning to the objects and phenomena we experience as we move through life. It’s desperately sad, genocidally tragic, that this spiritual tradition declined in many parts of the world under the brutal march of colonization and the enforced rejection of animism to make way for monotheism, the belief in one true God. Happily, truth is tenacious; though contained in pockets or forced underground, animism has held out against the tide and, like other ancient traditions, has enjoyed something of a revival.

I consider it my duty as a thinker and connoisseur of magic to present these ideas to you outside of their most usual context. As you know by now, animism emphasizes the interconnectedness of all things, which is particularly visible and obvious as it relates to nature, earth magic, and green witchery. Naturally, any belief system that inspires action born from respect and responsibility toward our planetary home, this fair Terra, is to be embraced and cultivated as very desirable and highly commendable. And it must be said, it is a rather limited view of the possible applications for this profoundly effective magical belief system.

So if I may move us on a little from beautiful nature, I am sure you are already reaching the conclusion that animism speaks to our current predilection for mindfulness and presence, because to live in the certainty that we move through a sentient environment in constant communication is to be wholly and completely attentive to our incarnated body and the environment in which we find ourselves, with hearts wide open to the principle and perspectives of others whether they are animate, inanimate, or etheric. Adding animism to mindfulness pushes the felt sense of peace further along the scale toward inspired, the most holy of all.

Head out for a long walk and decide before you head out that you will encounter knowing nods from the sentient universe and note your results. The presence of spirit is not limited to objects you can touch and hold. You can experiment with applying this principle to individual and collective thought forms or egregores, to social structures, countries, regions, anything you can name. Using language to describe anything is inherently limiting, but animism goes a long way toward giving expression and individuality to the things we love to identify and therefore pretend that we understand.

Another exceptionally fun experiment is to identify an object or situation that frequently causes you anxiety or frustration. Give that object an affectionate name, broad strokes of a personality, and speak lovingly to it every day and again note your results. If you want to learn about using animism alongside divination and free yourself from inner critics and other demons, I will put a link in the description for you. Recommended viewing if you want a shortcut to untying knots such as procrastination, fear of failure, fear of success, and other such gnarly blocks to your ambitions.

In brief, what I want you to understand is this: animism is an easy-to-grasp framework for witnessing the interconnectedness of all things, and the clever trickster does not take long to learn how to influence all things by virtue of that interconnectedness. Isn’t that funny how that goes? I want you to know that this magic is yours to use for your own benefit as well as for the benefits of Mother Earth. It is not disrespectful to get what you want. It does not dilute the magical resources available for global healing. In fact, the reverse is true. The more we milk magic, the more becomes available.

From an animist perspective, within a 20-foot radius of your body right now I’ll wager you have at least 300 potential spirit allies to call upon. The sky and the earth of course, but also water and fire, your ancestors and guides, your personal angels and demons, the ever-present archangels, and then we have the ancient local dead whose dust and bones you walk upon every day. And that’s before we even begin to name all of those thousands of potential allies in the mineral realm, the plant realm, the animals, the fungi, the insects, all of these intelligences waiting to be networked to your own.

Among them live the local land spirits. They will take nourishment from sacred smoke, Mr. Kipling’s French fancies, crystals ready to return to the earth, rum or milk or honey water. Prioritize small regular offerings over ornate rituals. For example, each morning light a joss stick and mentally list an itinerary of all the spirits you can name within, say, a three-mile radius from the weather systems to the bones in the soil, the birds, the rocks, the moss, the slime. Scatter a palm full of rose petals onto the swollen river. Use a rattle in the woods. Leave a couple of hairs from your head and a copper penny from your pocket as an offering to a mighty tree.

Small and regular acts of generosity like this will build an incredible relationship with the spirits in your immediate surroundings wherever you may find yourself. And wherever you feel the electricity of magic or awe or inspiration, leave a little something at the spot you feel drawn to. Your food offerings will of course be consumed by wild or feral animals, so please be mindful of local wildlife. But if an animal does appear while you are making your offering, that is of course an important sign. Likewise, if the world goes silent, be absolutely clear about what you want, and if you want to say your message out loud or sing or pray for a minute, do so.

Through the pathways worn by millennia, making devotions in this way builds a relationship of trust and reciprocity, and the more you nurture the relationship, the more you will also receive, as is the way of all things. The golden rule applies: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And then the trick is to hold your magical attitude always. Be open to signs and symbols and omens. Practice regular augury and divination. Record your dreams. Take bold steps daily towards creating your desires and watch my video on signs and synchronicities, which I will also link for you below.

And maybe nothing will happen at all, but it was a very respectful and kind gesture and that is a great start to a relationship. It turns out the way you interact with the world is the way the world will interact with you. Be surprised and delighted and it will surprise and delight you. Treat all things as spirits and they respond in kind, so that when you pin your heart and soul to a desire and perform the spells and bold actions, the spirits around you are already turned toward you, attuned to your will.

I remind you beloveds once again that magic is not for the faint of heart, but neither is life, and here we are. Practice discernment as you may experience some very weird stuff, and if you aren’t looking for spirit companions, be clear on that from the outset. This is your opportunity to practice holding strong boundaries around the type of interaction and relationship you want. This will be a learning experience, so trust your intuition and do what you feel comfortable with. Even just leaving out an offering every now and then is a respectful and honoring gesture and indicates to the local spirits and thus to the multiverse that you recognize them. Common sense rules apply. If a local spirit appears to you, a verbal contract is binding, so negotiate any deals very carefully. You don’t have to offer your soul in exchange for your dream, you know. A bottle of good scotch might be just as welcomed.

Naturally, any powerful magic creates unique challenges along with desired outcomes. I have already alluded to the necessity of making peace with the new reality and coming to terms with ourselves as magical beings in communion with unseen realms. But at the same time, any suggestion of our desires being overlooked or ignored is eradicated. Once you notice that the land you dwell on, the space within a few miles of your home, is reflecting magic back at you, beautiful soul, there is so much more information in the text below, and I truly hope this lesson will further you on your path to unstoppable power.

I can’t wait to see what you will unleash on the world. Thank you so much for watching. I love you and I will see you next time.

Practical Magick - The Sun

Practical Magick

The planetary magic of the SUN is the The Celestial Disco Inferno!

If you’re ready for an injection of hot, hot energy into your business or your romantic life The Great and Generous Sun will turn the spotlight upon you so that you can come out of the shadows, attract an audience, and incinerate your blocks.

In this digital economy where attention confers influence and money, you’ll receive so much benefit from a fireball of confidence and charisma magick: the kind that makes everything else possible.

Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing to be scared of. The white hot flame will lead you to all of the fame, influence and success you’ve dreamed of. Trust and take the leap.

In this lesson you will learn

🌞 working with the SUN: is it right for you?
🌞 basic principles of planetary magick
🌞 aligned action when working with HELIOS
🌞 a simple ritual to connect with the cosmic spotlight

🚀🚀🚀 Set the controls for the heart of the Sun 🚀🚀🚀

Your planetary correspondences
Colours: gold, orange and yellow
Plants: 🌱 acacia, birch, cedar, oak, palm, chamomile, chrysanthemum, daffodil, daisy, goldenseal, marigold, rosemary, St John Wort, sunflower
Minerals: 💎 gold, brass, amber, carnelian, citrine, diamond, sunstone, tiger’s eye, tourmaline
Other deities: 🧞‍♀️ Brigid, Sekhmet, Adonis, Apollo, Ra, Shiva, Vishnu
Animals: 🐮 cattle, deer goat, hedgehog, lion, monkey, chameleon, butterfly, rooster, hummingbird, parrot, peacock
Mythic beasts: Dragon, Phoenix, Griffin.

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- Transcript -

If you’re a person who is shamelessly chasing success, embracing ambition, wealth, pride and power, then, needless to say, you’re going to have to get comfortable in the spotlight. Here’s how you can connect with none other than Helios, king  of the celestial realm. When he turns his light upon you, there are two options: shine, or burn.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician (as of course are you), and I want you to get everything you desire. If you follow my channel, I’ll introduce you to all the tools and concepts you need to make heaven on earth. Believe me, it can be done. But first, if you’re clever as a fox and twice as cunning, set the playback speed to 1.5 and buckle up.

We are here to get hot with the SUN. In the Greek tradition, he is pulled across the sky by Apollo, god of light. He is RA, the great creator and supreme life force. I’m going to tell you how you can harness this immense power – the literal creative source of all of life – to your own, personal benefit… but first I’m going to share with you exactly why you might wish to put yourself in the way of this absolute disco inferno. You’re familiar with the phrase… ‘if you can’t stand the heat’? This is the planetary kitchen. Some people prefer a quieter life, and that’s ok. However, if you’re ready to explode into success with the force of a thousand suns, then Helios is the nuclear option.

So, who is this magic for? It’s for you if you’re yearning for success with a public face, for leadership and the archetype of the Emperor. With great success often comes great wealth and great influence, and the Sun lends a bounteous generosity to the attainment of your goals. This is the energy of growth and action: vitality, individuality, and unashamed attention seeking. It’s the spell that comes over all of us when we feel the warmth of unconditionally loving attention – but which we learned to suppress because, as little people, what we got in return for our brilliance, was criticism or worse. But of course, with the sun, warmth also comes with illumination. Expect to have your shadows lit up, your fingers burned, and your blocks and self-sabotage to go up in flames.

The Sun has lessons for you and will deliver them with a directness that befits the white flame fireball that keeps us all alive. Your rituals, prayers and intentions with the Sun will send ripples into the field where reality is created, at the speed of light. The results will not arrive in the way you imagine, or the timescale you have planned for. The SUN is glorious, life giving. It causes growth and allows us to SEE the beauty all around us. But sometimes we all yearn for a cool, dark cave, with long, deep shadows.

Remember, you do not need to believe in magic in order to practice it effectively. Magic, as I am fond of saying, is a technology: perform a simple ritual with sincerity, then observe, with an earnest and open heart, the results. For a short general primer on planetary deities, I invite you to look up my earlier episode on working with Mercury. When you’re done watching, take a look in the description, I’ll leave a link for you. But very briefly, here’s what you need to know: planetary magic is a creative act of relationship-building made with intentional offerings, respect and gratitude, specific requests and reciprocity. Just as Jesus has his cross and his psalms, all the deities have a well established list of correspondences – food, drinks, herbs, crystals, days of the week, colours and so on. Think of these as a way to attract the attention of the deity whose assistance you’re seeking.

Mercury and Jupiter are the two planets most often recommended for business and career purposes,  but every one of the planets has extremely useful attributes to bring to your work: my own business is dedicated to Mercury, but I have personally found a great deal of my business only became possible through working with Helios. As you know, magic and shadow work won’t get your business anywhere unless you are also executing the steps to build and grow. That means making decisions like a ruthless future billionaire mogul, iterating your message, creating cut-through marketing… and all of these activities are generally extremely difficult if your confidence is low. Many of us have even had the experience of being incredibly confident, motivated and productive when working for a corporate employer in a corporate environment, but can’t quite create the same energy for our own business. It’s very understandable.

A dominant thought-form in the prevailing Western culture has it that personal confidence and self-promotion are ‘red flags’, unseemly, vulgar, desperate, unlikeable. If you’ve ever found your emotions activated by someone who is unapologetically self-aggrandising, you can be quite sure that, at some point as a little person, you learned that it is ‘good’ to be humble and quiet, and ‘bad’ to demand attention. And it is worth noting that the more white, male, heterosexual, neurotypical and non-disabled you are, the less you will have received this particular indoctrination. So many of us would benefit from a little help to shed this conditioning, in order to let the self-love we have been so carefully and diligently nurturing, to show on the outside. After all, it’s painful to keep trying to blend in, when you know you were born to stand out.

Helios is purpose, confidence, and ultimate leadership. It is a beautiful, adoring relationship with your own unique and wonderful SELF. It is charisma, and magnetising the attention you want and deserve. It is healing and well-being, and burning away the last vestiges of any fucks you used to give about other people’s opinions. I’m sure you’re beginning to understand how beneficial that could be to someone with grand ambitions, like you. Properly asked, Helios will grant you leadership, courage, charisma and beautiful alignment to your mission and vision. It will shine a light on any saboteurs you keep hidden in the shadows, and help you burn to ashes any blocks in your path.

I’m going to take you through a very simple ritual to connect you with the cosmic spotlight, but first let me remind you that the lessons on this channel will change your life. Your future self will thank you for subscribing, so that you never miss a thing. If you’re doing this at your altar, on a Sunday, gather a few offerings from the list of correspondences I’ve put in the description. But for right now, grab the nearest pen and paper and draw a symbol like this: a bullseye. Set the controls for the heart of the Sun.

Next, write a short petition – decide what you will ask for. Just a sentence will do. Please, show me the blocks I cannot see and burn them. Or, please turn the spotlight upon me and help me step into leadership. Or, support my wellbeing and confidence as I explore what success looks like for me. When our family business had all contracts cancelled at the start of the pandemic, with no savings or any other source of income, I very quickly had to gain the courage to effectively market my own new copywriting business. You see, I knew exactly what needed to be done – I had worked in marketing since I was a mere girl of 21. No, it wasn’t a lack of knowledge: it was a lack of courage. A lack of commitment. A lack of faith. These were the foundations that allowed me to take the actions that building a business requires. Experts and mentors encouraged me to run free events, start conversations, make offers and sell my services. But until I took a deliberate approach to cultivating confidence and charisma, my efforts were lacklustre at best, non-existent at worst. We all know that magic requires aligned action in order to manifest. We know what we need to do. But self-doubt will effectively keep us hamstrung for months and even years.

And now back to the Sun. I’m going to walk you through a very short visualisation, and anything else you do will be a bonus. It would be incredibly powerful if you could leave an offering to the Sun. Somewhere out in the open, exposed to the rays. Sunrise, sunset, or midday, at your discretion. You’ll find a list of suggested offerings in the description below. Let’s think about the Sun. Close your eyes, and breathe. Imagine the sun melting your shoulder blades. Imagine the SUN shining down on your gently upturned face. Imagine the wisdom in it’s rays, penetrating your skin, warming the layers of you, shooting like golden arrows into the central core of your energy. Think about light, and everything that it makes possible in the world. Think about heat. Think about growth. Imagine BEING the Sun, being the source of growth and only ever experiencing blinding light. Thank you for light. Thank you for heat. Thank you for power. We time our days by the sun’s transit across the sky.

Now that we’ve given attention, energy and gratitude – the most powerful offerings of all – this relationship is initiated. Now, and the next time you leave offerings of mead and flowers, and any time you notice the sun (which will be frequent) as you go about your day… Meditate for a moment on the concept of power. Ponder what it feels like to have the spotlight on you. Imagine what it might be like, to see your shadow illuminated. Contemplate the kind of leader you will become, and how fame and influence might feel. And let those strange and novel sensations tickle the parts of you that have not been tickled in a very long while. Think about being given the best table at a restaurant. Receiving adoring messages from your fans. Think about the money that rolls in effortlessly, when people are hungry to be in your energy. You don’t have to puzzle anything out, just think interesting thoughts related to fame, power and influence, and follow any clues that the Universe presents you with, with the diligence of a hound on the scent.

Finally, ask the sun for the contents of your petition – to burn down your blocks, or place you centre stage, or give you confidence, clarity and charisma, and an appreciation for the skilful wielding of power. Meditate for just a moment or two more, imagining the absolute wonder of what it means to allow a planetary energy to adjust reality on your behalf. And feeling supported by this world instead of at odds with it. And then close the ritual by saying: In thanks for your blessings, HELIOS, God of Light, and Fire, and Heat and Health and Growth and Fame, Confidence and Charisma, I shall return to you with more and bounteous offerings, and I exalt your name. HELIOS, thank you for the generosity with which you share your gifts. Please enjoy these offerings, and stay as long as you wish.

When you are in front of your alter, you will pinch out the candles, but for now you will just note the ceremony – note the day you performed this ritual, what you did, how it felt, what you hope for, what you fear. And over the coming days and weeks, write down how your moods and dreams are affected,  the signs you are given, the breadcrumbs dropped into your path.

Now you can connect with this energy at any time. You can get an app for your phone that will chime during The Sun’s hour, when you could let the concepts of confidence and charisma pass through your body and your mind, and cause you to shiver and smile. In the weeks following, practice non-attachment to outcome alongside your aligned actions, which will be making videos, public speaking gigs, starting conversations, self-promotion, polarising viewpoints – all of these are required as a means to manifestation of all you desire.

If you feel an energy of desperation, of grasping at a precise outcome – my audience HAS to grow really big, RIGHT FUCKING NOW – use that pulsing fear of not getting it, to practice assuming a magicians attitude, as I outline in my lesson on Quick and Dirty Alchemy. Urgency always masks fear, as does procrastination, and is symptomatic of a divided will. The Shadow longs for the drama and intensity of not getting what it wants – of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again – and we already know that wicked old shadow does usually get her way. Personal alchemy, in other words, allows us to stop feeling victimised if the results we create are not the results we expected. Again, if any of this feels just too unfamiliar, please do go and watch the Mercury episode first. But I promise that when you see how fast and how brilliantly HELIOS responds, you’ll feel that incredible rush of trust and inevitability that comes from having immense power – the power of the most visible of leaders – at your back.

Kitten, I truly hope that this short lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world.

Practical Magick - Saturn

Practical Magick - Saturn

Practical Magick

Feelings of limitation and constriction? No one gets to expand beyond what we believe is possible, without the say-so of Daddy Saturn.

If you need to make the world of restrictions (laws, legislations, forces apparently outside of your control) work for instead of against you, getting cozy with Saturn can be your short-cut straight past those rings of constriction.

Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing to be scared of. The powers of LAW and ESTABLISHMENT are available to help you, if you trust and take the leap.

In this lesson you will learn
🪐 why on earth you would want to work with Saturn
🪐 basic principles of planetary magick
🪐 how Saturn helped me WIN in court
🪐 a simple ritual to connect with the Saturn current

🦊 Working with Mercury
💥 Quick and Dirty Alchemy

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- Transcript -

If you’re a person who wants to get things done in this extremely mundane world of law, limitation and regulation, if you want to create lasting foundational wealth, an estate or a castle, then hiring Saturn to your team could be one of the most liberating decisions you make. And it’s one I highly recommend. I’m about to exalt his name and share how you too can experience and surrender to this stern and unyielding energy. Stay tuned.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician. As, of course are you. And this channel exists to equip you with all the tools and concepts you need to achieve your every desire. But first, if you are spitfire, smart and a fast learner, set the playback speed to 1.5. You will focus much better that way. Today we are talking about Saturn, the planetary deity, also known in the Greek pantheon as Chronos. I’m going to tell you exactly how to initiate a relationship with him and what you might expect.

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of our Saturn devotions, let’s ask why would we do this? After all, many magicians caution against an overabundance of Saturnian energy living as we do in an earthly realm, which seems often hogtied by regulation, laws, forces restrictions are all around us. Sometimes we feel as though we could scarcely move, let alone fly. So why again would we invite more of this energy? Because as I keep reminding you, the only way to change anything is by loving it.

Hate limitation. Learn to love it. Hate your situation. Discover what there is to adore about it. After all, what do you come to truly understand through studying limitation? That’s right. Limitlessness.

Now, if you’re feeling a slight or large apprehension about welcoming in more of that energy that causes so many of us so much difficulty and strife, then I do not for a moment blame you. What I can tell you is that Saturn is a rigorous and generous teacher, and that the poison path is the fast and maybe the only route to alchemy. And I include poisonous situations, establishments and people here too. Plants and fungi aren’t the only ones who get to be baneful.

Your rituals and intentions will send ripples into the field where reality is created and the results will not arrive in the way you think you need them. Very often they come just as you are giving up hope. In other words, when you are confronted with your helplessness, your limitation, and your illusion of control. Only Saturn can release any being, event or situation from his constraint. You’ll never beat him, so you may as well get down on your knees and beg for mercy.

Remember, you do not need to believe in magic in order to practice it effectively. Magic is a technology. Perform the acts and observe with an earnest and open heart the results. And after that extensive preamble, we are ready to talk more about Saturn for a short general primer on planetary deities. I invite you to look at my earlier episode on working with Mercury. I’ll leave a link, but watch this one first. Here’s what you need to know. Planetary magic is a creative act of relationship building made with intentional offerings, respect and gratitude, specific requests and reciprocity.

Just as Jesus has his cross and his psalms, all the deities have a well-established list of correspondences, things they enjoy to attract their attention: food, drink, herbs, crystals, colours, symbols and so on. Mercury and Jupiter are the two planets most often recommended for business and career purposes. But every one of the planetary deities has extremely useful attributes to lend to your work. My own business is dedicated to Mercury, but I have personally found a great deal of benefit from time spent working with Saturn as well.

As you know, Saturn is the energy of authority, discipline, endurance, limitation, and laws and forces, including from gravity to government. Saturn gives us numbers which quantify and limit everything they touch. Saturn is the gatekeeper to magic and the astral realms and the outer planets of the solar system. He teaches by challenging. He binds your wrists and attends to your education with rigid focus.

Properly asked, he will effectively banish constraints that seem impenetrable, particularly pertaining to law, business and the cultivation of stability and strength. Before I talk you through a simple ritual, I would like to remind you that this channel will change your life if you watch and implement the lessons. Your future self will. Thank you for subscribing so that you never miss a thing. I find Saturn to appreciate a rather understated approach, an offering on a simple wooden tray of a black candle, a small espresso, and perhaps his glyph drawn upon a card.

Next, decide what you will ask for. My first working with Saturn was when I found myself faced with the challenge of obtaining a proper education for one of my children. Faced with a catastrophically underfunded and fundamentally broken special educational needs department, Saturn helped me to focus on the perfect outcome, even when I could not imagine what that might possibly be. My prayer was for an outcome that meets all of my son’s needs and mine, and which liberates my time and energy.

Naturally, we found the perfect situation for him. But then we were required to fight in a legal battle. It would have been easy to fall prey to those old demons of stress and worry as we prepared for our day in court. But I had walked countless miles through the woods, tracks and fields near my home over months, chanting Saturn’s mantra 91 times per walk. And I knew without a shadow of a doubt that we would win. What happened, in fact, was far stranger.

The local government conceded the case and agreed to our requested solution before the court date. But due to a legal technicality, all parties were still required to appear before the judge. The judge demanded the local government rewrite large sections of my son’s support. Document to make it even more watertight and better in our favour. In other words, we left with a better outcome than I could have imagined. I have personally seen Saturn works similar miracles on bullies, tricksters and scam artists, while legal matches are an obvious choice for petition,

you can quite simply ask for his help navigating this world of limitation and restriction in a way that is always and obviously in your favour. Planetary deities are rather transactional. So tell Saturn what you offer in return for his blessings. More coffee? A dry martini honouring his day, exalting his name. All are perfect. But just be sure when he delivers that you uphold your side of the deal. For the ritual, clear a space.

Be clean. Be in a space that is clean. And gather your offerings. Cleanse the space with smoke or sound, light the candle. Place down the espresso. Ask Saturn to accept your humble offerings. Meditate upon the concept of limitation. Consider all the different ways that limitation manifests in our human experience.

Think about back pain and parking tickets, taxes and bylaws. Faceless, soulless corporations. And the loneliness of the long distance runner.

Thank Saturn for the precious gifts. The laws and forces of physics that keep us tethered in this beautiful human form, tethered here on earth by his command.

Ask him to show you the gift in all limitations, your experience, and to share with you. Focus, authority, diligent cultivation and a love for feeling your feet sink into deep, rich soil.

Ask him to help you bring unshakable wealth. A castle with stone walls three foot thick. To reinforce your own boundaries as you go about bringing your free as a bird dreams into the world. Ask for the courage and steadfastness to limit your dreams by making them real.

Meditate for a short while, imagining the absolute wonder of what it means to allow a planetary energy to adjust reality on your behalf

and feeling supported by this world instead of at odds with it.

Then close the ritual by saying: in thanks for your blessings, Saturn, God of time and death, we shall return to you with more and bounteous offerings and exalt your name.

Saturn, thank you for the generosity with which you share your gifts. Thank you for limitations, including tooth decay and the police. Please enjoy these offerings and leave whenever it pleases you. Then pinch out your candles. Note the ceremony, what you did, how it felt, what you hope for, and what you feel in your journal over the coming days. Note how your moods and dreams are affected, and now you can connect with this energy at any time.

You can get an app for your phone that will chime during Saturn’s hour when you could let the ideas flit across your mind of limitation and all the earth being organized to support you. In the weeks that follow, practicing non-attachment to outcome is your only task aside from the aligned actions, seeking legal advice, filing your tax returns, etc. required as a means to manifestation. If you feel an energy of desperation grasping at a precise outcome, my business has to start making money right fucking now,

use that pulsing fear of not getting it, to practice, assuming a magician’s attitude, as I outlined in my lesson on Quick and Dirty Alchemy. Urgency always masks fear, as does procrastination, and is symptomatic of a divided will. The shadow longs for the drama and intensity of not getting the thing we want, of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And we already know that wicked old shadow usually gets her way.

Personal alchemy, in other words, allows us to stop feeling victimized if the results we create are not quite what we expected. Again, if any of this feels just too unfamiliar, please do go and watch the Mercury episode. But I promise that when you see how Saturn responds, you will feel that deep rooted safety that comes from having immense legal and financial power. The power of rulers at your back. Kitten, I truly hope this short lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power.

I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world with Saturn behind you. Thank you so much for watching. And I will see you here again next time.

Practical Magick - The Spirit of Money

Practical Magick

Here’s a way to approach MONEY – a vast, ancient intelligence – in a new way to create a new and mutually beneficial relationship.

This is a way of casting a money spell that really works – being shameless in unconditional love of money. After all, what spirit could resist?

If your relationship with money has been less than easy, watch and learn…:

💰 why it makes sense to relate to Money as a Spirit
💰 how our relationship with Money goes off kilter
💰 cannibalism and consumption
💰 Money and the Poison Path
💰 how to change something by loving it
💰 creating a money altar
💰 gratitude and forgiveness

In the video I mention items for a money altar. These could include;
Green or gold candles; cash; images of deceased relatives who were good with money; images depicting money or wealth; crystals associated with wealth manifestation such as citrine, pyrite, diamond; goddess Fortuna (for luck); images relating to the planet Jupiter – for more on how to set up altar space, take a look at Practical Magick – Build an Alter

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- Transcript -

If you are using magic in order to amass great wealth, I strongly recommend you initiate a relationship with the Spirit of Money at your earliest convenience. If you haven’t explored Money’s shadow before this might be a lot to take in, but you’re in safe hands. Treat this as a game and see what happens.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician and one of the things I’m most interested in, because it makes my life so much better, is using words and magic to change how I think about and interact with things – particularly the things I don’t like or which aren’t flowing easily for me.

Rather than battling my way through, or repressing my feelings, and using sheer bloody-mindedness to try to change reality, I prefer to use ceremony, ritual, and unreasonable levels of love and approval to establish a new relationship with that thing or situation. Because very often the results are truly, truly miraculous.

Today, we’re going to examine how we’ve been relating to money until now, what we need to forgive, what we need to be forgiven for. This is a shadow exploration, a dive into the dark, and it’s going to mark a turning point, a pivot in your relationship with money, and mine: a very new way to relate to money.

I’m going to talk a little bit about why you might wish to relate to Money as a Spirit, and how that might change the way the world unfolds for you, and then I’m going to give you some more resources for initiating that relationship.

MONEY. Such a big energy, So potent, dark, energising and liberating and complex and beautiful and corrupting….

In the gospels of Mark and Luke, our favourite witch Jesus addresses money as a spirit called Mammon. And that characterisation is very useful for us, as magically-minded people. Because whether or not you choose to believe that Money is literally a spirit, it certainly has many characteristics of a spirit, just as your own personal angels and demons do.

So let’s look at Money and see if it makes sense to approach it as a spirit? First, it’s invisible, intangible, as you know currency, our notes and coins, are tokens representing units of money, not money themselves, and in this day and age that is increasingly dying out, many of us hardly touch cash at all, so it’s an invisible, abstract idea, where we feel that things are being moved, adjusted around us, but on a level we can’t actually see.

Despite it’s invisibility and intangibility, it creates very concrete effects in people’s lives, whether through it’s presence or it’s absence, whether it is benevolent, cordial, indifferent or downright cruel.

Naturally, we have sigils and talismans for money, as we do for demons and spirits, but and most important for our purposes here today, money has certain protocols for its correct handling. Very much depending upon how you treat it, it can be friendly or unfriendly; a source of great comfort, or something we resent, fear, and inadvertently push away…

If we think of this as a kinky dom/sub relationship, for many of us Money is a cruel dom, but we, instead of surrendering and submitting, have our attention split. We are trying to seize control, to be the Domme, but we’re so in our feelings about it, we’re receiving all these somatic, bodily sensations from the energies of Money which we’re not processing well, and which are triggering our stories and our fears. So we’re not being effective as a sub, or as a Domme.

Obviously, to get this relationship working as we need to introduce some balance, create boundaries, reestablish commucation, and we need to learn to love money, for all that it is.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in many spiritual traditions, the pursuit of money is considered with great suspicion. And this isn’t necessarily a mistake, after all – terrible, heinous things are done every day, every minute, in the name of money. It is a nasty, dark intoxicating and incredibly powerful magical substance.

Consider the evolution of money, as a means of exchanging tokens, talismans, for life force. If you pay me for an hour of my time, we trade an abstract concept – digits in the banking and commerce system – for an hour of my life. An hour of this one precious life, and an hour of my energy that I could spend playing with my children, or tending a garden. In exchange for these tokens, I will allow you to consume me. Who knows what level of consumption I would grant, if the number of tokens was great enough – do you see, how this substance has cannibalism and consumption build into it?

Of course, it also happens to be warm, generous, comforting, kind, charitable and capable of creating incredible transformations – in other words, it’s a lot like you and me – complex, non-dual, and very very fucked up.

However. We know that the danger of certain magical substances is the very thing that makes them such incredibly potent agents of spiritual awakening. Whether it is demonic ritual, baneful herbs, plant medicine, sex magic – all are used to achieve higher planes of enlightenment

– these strands form The POISON PATH, in which we as practitioners – intentionally embracing the poisonous – the dark, repulsive and dangerous – in order to transmute them into some of greatest medicine, and most spectacular magic imaginable

Money, I am sure you agree, is one of the vilest poisons in our culture today. You know this because you have sniffed distastefully at news, wrung your hands over crimes, signed petitions, and shared memes about social inequality

Think of the outrage at news about Bezos and Musk’s tax affairs, and how much we enjoy taking the philosophical and moral standpoint that billionairesship should not exist in a world where people also experience crushing poverty

We – particularly women – are actively encouraged, by the prevailing culture, to seek only ‘just enough’ money. Never to be greedy or acquisitive. To consider ourselves as being separate and certainly morally superior to people who are extremely wealthy.

But, despite the lack of trust, this relationship really isn’t something we can avoid – because if we refuse to remain in an ineffective and unfulfilling relationship to Money, and don’t wish to actively avoid money, the only option is to persuade the Spirit of Money to work for us, exactly as we might do with a spirit.

Money, as a spirit, wants to be valued it wants to be loved. On the surface, of course, we all love money – or is it rather that we hate to be without it? Because I speak to a LOT of people who diminish and apologise for their desire for money, and who tell me how people become untrustworthy or unscrupulous when they get rich.

One of the truisms, the epithets that I live by, is that the only way to change something is by loving it, all the way through. I expect you too have been subjected to Money Mindset advice encouraging us to focus on the wonderful things we will do with money, and resolutely ignores the atrocities undeniably inflicted on people and our planet in the name of money.

It is easy to see why we distrust and therefore push away money. But we can’t learn to love it by ignoring its shadow. Just like learning to love ourselves or our children or any other relationship; conditional love does not create a powerful beneficial symbiosis.

We’ve learned, haven’t we, in our exploration of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, that, if ‘having is evidence of wanting’, then we all do indeed ‘want’ some extremely fucked up things. And all the beautiful, exquisite, tender things we love and want, exist alongside cruelty, depravity, and utter, utter horror. And that the only way to get more of the things we know we do want, is to find a way, however imperfect, to love the awful as well.

Now, as I mentioned at the top of this video, it’s my belief that anyone in business, and anyone handling money, is advised to have a permanent money or wealth altar. After all, we are all going to be dealing with money in one way or another until the day we die.

If you don’t feel like you want to give permanent space to a money altar then at least have one set up during times where you are actively seeking to manage or increase or change the flow of money into and out of your household coffers – or, like now, when you’re planning for a period of time ahead.

You will need to tend your altar regularly because items on it manifest in your magic even those things that are there accidentally like a glass of water like dust on the surface of a glass of water or rotting offerings. Creating and tending your altar is an amazing way to keep your magic alive but you must keep it clean, tidy and energetised so that your magic will match. Better to put it all away than let it stand dusty and neglected.

So to create your altar, have a look at my video on YouTube on the subject, which I will link below, but a cloth or tray, (green, blue or gold), and then gather money related effigies, talismans, totems, or other paraphernalia. Arrange them according to your own pleasure. You may include a print or statue of gods or deities associated with Wealth; a picture of a deceased relative who was particularly handy with money. A green or gold candle with symbols or Sigils inscribed upon it; appropriate planetary correspondences, for example with Jupiter who is the planet and deity responsible for expansion, wealth, riches and general largesse; and I highly recommend writing a letter to the spirit of money. Thanking it in great detail for every penny that has been spent on you since you were born. And asking for forgiveness for every time you have judged money negatively and pushed it away as it tried to approach and enrich you.

So before we end, it’s very important that you acknowledge the Spirit of Money right now – like all things it dwells within you and your consciousness, so you’d be advised to recognise it’s presence. Pause the video if you’d like to, and just give gratitude for all that money has made possible, all it has given you since the day you were born. Everything you’ve received throughout your life – from the roof over your head – for your medical care, your education, for all the lessons it has taught you, for the clothes on your back, the food in your kitchen, the device you’re looking at right now.

Then spend a moment longer thanking money for all of the terrible, horrible, awful things that exist in our world because of money – in the wisdom and understanding that as a non-dual spirit, we cannot receive what we judge as “good” about money, without also accepting the bad.

If you are ready to initiate your relationship with Money, check the description below for a list of suggested items for your altar, and instructions for setting it up.
Next, you need to click on the link below to get a guided meditation – a potent and often very erotic encounter with Money – after which, I promise, things will never be the same.

Do comment below to let me know what happens.

Thank you so, so much for being here with me today. My tender little heart is so endlessly full of gratitude for you all for spending time with me, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross, which I hope will be very, very soon.

Practical Magick - Enchant your marketing

Practical Magick - Enchant Your Marketing

Practical Magick

Marketing for Magical Folks.

You can choose to believe that marketing is a horrible, nasty, manipulative practice – or you can decide it is a spell by the greatest of sorcerers, and treat it as a great game.

I know which belief will take you further in pursuing your success.

Enchanting your marketing and business outreach will magnify all of your actions and all your results, and provide a power boost that lifts you head and shoulders above the rest.

Watch and understand how enchantment can help you get everything you desire. In this lesson you will learn:

☿ why you need to pay attention to advice on marketing
☿ how to loosen your grip on very limiting beliefs
☿ how and why to add glamour
☿ suggested magical practices
☿ what to do next


🐸 How to do Things You Hate
🐸 Sigil Magick
🐸 The Hypersigil
🐸 Quick and Dirty Alchemy

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- Transcript -

The awful truth is, if you’re trying to grow a business, then you’re going to have to attract customers, you’re going to have to become magnetic. But just how does the average person do this. Magnetism far from being something that one just has or does not have is actually something that you can cultivate through magic. Today, I’m going to tell you how to enchant your marketing so that you’re never more than 48 hours from money. Don’t look away.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician. As, of course are you. And I am a writer and a teacher. And my purpose is to give you the tools and concepts you need to grow more powerful and achieve everything your heart desires. If you are a smart little cookie, endlessly distractible like me, adjust the playback on this lesson to one point twenty five or even one point five speed. And let’s go. I’m going to give you a step by step process that’s going to change your relationship to marketing forever.

It’s eminently achievable for anyone who is capable following a recipe and tolerating high sensation. And if you’re watching this lesson, it’s incredibly important that you do follow the advice here. The spirit of your business needs you to make an unreasonable amount of money with ease and joy. And this process is going to get you at least part of the way there. For context, when I talk about marketing, you can use your wild and brilliant intelligence to adopt these instructions to suit whichever platform you choose.

And if you have questions about your own marketing, you’ll be able to find me in my group, which I will link below, where I may be able to offer you some advice. I’d like to invite you to try out the beliefs and practices in this lesson for just a short period, maybe a week or two, and go hell for leather. And then note the changes in your experience. So let’s get into it. As I mentioned in my last lesson on how to do the things you hate, marketers are almost universally reviled in Western culture.

We are the evil manipulators who encourage consumer debt and fuel late stage capitalism. Therefore, the very first thing you will need to do is examine your relationship with the aggregore marketing experience, your reaction to the concept. Is it your belief that marketing is difficult, unethical, manipulative and dishonest? Examine those beliefs with curiosity and a willfully open mind until the beliefs start looking back at you.

Is that any circumstance in which marketing could be acceptable? Is it a terrible thing 100 percent of the time, with no exceptions? And most importantly, who is judging your marketing activity except you? I’m prepared to bet that your moral compass has done a wonderful job up until now at keeping you from inflicting excessive amounts of harm. You have power and it is OK for you to use it. Yes, even – horror – to influence other people, as I am doing now. In his book Energy Magic of the Vampire, Don Webb says that advertising is the highest form of sorcery, so perhaps you could adopt that position instead and see this activity as an extremely potent form of magic, which it is. As my students will attest, the second belief you will need to adopt is that if you have chosen to play the entrepreneur add-on to this game of life, that this work is your great work. As Machiavelli wrote, there is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things. Just how badly do you want the thing you say you want? Nothing worth having comes easily, or we’d have it already. The task is to turn the volume up on everything that you are. Turn to a page in your journal and write for ten minutes on all the loveliest elements of your personality.

Apply effort and imagination into increasing the intensity on a couple of these traits, which you do by adding specific detail like this. If your first statement says, I’m fun to work with and good at my job, your version with added glamour could read, people love to work with me because I’m clever and funny, but also very loving, and I’m extremely knowledgeable on magic and marketing, and I can talk about it in a way that people understand easily, even if they’re new to it. The second example slightly increases your magnetism to your audience, to your potential clients, and also to the deities, spirits and the universe who support you.

Everything about you can be glamorous if you apply yourself to finding the angle. Glamour is a formidable tool to sit alongside your expertise, charm, discipline, commitment and devotion. Once you’re feeling a little more powerful and a little more turned on by the idea of yourself as a powerful magician and marketing as a form of sorcery, which creates money out of your energy. The third task is to create a shoal of sigils to represent your rampant stampeding success.

Look in the description below for the lesson on sigils. I’m going to cross-reference a few other lessons for this magical aspect of marketing, and you will find them all listed and linked below. So for your sigil, you could use statements like, the more wild and creative I am, the more money I earn. Magical people delight in giving me money. I’m wickedly good at taking people’s money and they love me for it. I am in a lightning fast period of audience growth.

The hypersigil is also, of course, a wonderful addition to your magical support, and you should certainly consider feeding your hypersigil generously with words on the success at every level of your marketing efforts. Finally, once you’re really seeing how marketing can be a highly potent magical practice in and of itself, I suggest performing a short ritual at your permanent altar, preferably on a Wednesday for Mercury, where you will consecrate your marketing platform on your phone and incense and set firm intentions when you are in a state of magical consciousness.

When you return to your regularly scheduled marketing activity, seek the electricity that coarses through you when you take a risk. The hot wave of shame and slight nausea when you dare to claim your power. The devotion of faith in magical workings and consistent stepping forward to your vision. Heart wide open, trusting that the path will appear beneath your feet. Kittens, growing your business is not easy, and when you start to take steps like this and are finally facing the thing you have been telling yourself you wanted, perhaps for years, your shadow will be activated. Remember to regularly perform genuine self-care, especially the quick and dirty alchemy that turns your pain into another source of power.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable, magical power. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us all. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to subscribe for more life changing lessons. I love you and I will see you here for more practical magic next time.

Practical Magick - Doing the things you hate

Practical Magick - Doing the things you hate

Practical Magick

Productivity, shadow work, and how to do the things you love to hate.

Unfortunately, we all sometimes have to do things we loathe, hate and resent.

Learning how to do so in a way that makes them tolerable and even – perhaps – fun is genuinely magick – because magic is the act of creating changes to the internal landscape that reflect in the external environment.

In this lesson you will learn:

🙀 the importance of examining our internal judgements
🙀 shadow work for productivity
🙀 how managing our workload directly correlates to our ability to tolerate discomfort
🙀 a four step process for getting things done

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- Transcript -

If you are committed to growing a magical business in order to achieve every dream you ever had, the terrible truth is you’re going to need to do plenty of things that you really don’t want to. And if you’re a sensitive soul, as most magical people are, you’ll want to do so in a way that doesn’t trigger you into the trauma response of fight, flight, freeze or fawn. So exactly how are we supposed to make progress when some tasks are so damnably difficult? Stay tuned.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician, as of course, are you. I am a writer and a shaman of words. And my purpose here is to equip you with the tools and concepts you need to achieve your heart’s desires. As usual, if you are an exceptionally bright person with a negligible attention span like me, adjust the playback on this lesson to one point twenty five or even one point five speed. And buckle up, I’m going to give you my four step process that I use myself and teach my clients to do things we hate without making matters worse. For the purposes of this explanation,

I’m going to use the example of marketing and advertising because in my extensive experience, this is the task that my clients find so very difficult. You can, of course, use your wild and brilliant imagination to replace it with any other task that you resist and avoid. The first thing we need to do is note our own feelings towards the subject in an abstract way, rather than in a personal way. Needless to say, if you cast negative moral judgments all over the very necessary task of promoting your business, you’re going to find it extremely difficult to motivate yourself,

difficult to write effectively, and certainly very difficult to publish anything. As you can imagine, as a professional copywriter, I am frequently hired to write other people’s sales pages, web pages and other marketing assets. Sometimes for them, their negative beliefs about marketing, cespite intellectually understanding the necessity of it, after all they have paid me handsomely, are so great that their shadows draw all kinds of blocks to remain stuck and avoid going ahead with the project, despite having invested thousands of pounds and many, many hours.

It’s incredibly common and very understandable in the prevailing culture we’re encouraged to consider marketers like me as pretty sleazy and associate words like dishonest, unscrupulous, manipulative, greedy and bad. Try introducing yourself as a marketer when you meet people at a party, when their responses are loosened by a couple of cocktails and see the response you get. I dare say this has been many marketers introduction to shadow work. The world hates and deplores us. We are tricksters one and all.

But of course, so is our beloved Mercury god of communication and trade and making a lot of money very quickly. So rather than spending time trying to convince you that advertising and marketing are actually morally aspirational and a pathway to transcendence, instead I encourage you to explore how you could learn to feel OK with having those judgments leveled at you, by others or even by yourself. How could you even decide that it feels good to in a kinky way to not just invoke the trickster, but to become them? Because at some point, if you are effectively and vigorously promoting your work, it’s very likely that someone will question your scruples.

Most certainly including your old friend, the inner critic. And with emphasis and passion, so what? When you are deeply approving of everything you’re doing, j udgment is water off the proverbial duck’s back and you can passionately not give a shit. It is impossible for anyone to shame you unless you are already ashamed. When unashamed, fair commentary is entirely irrelevant. No professional marketer worth their salt would ever consider writing about typical results only about the best possible outcomes.

Is that entirely honest and transparent? Of course not. But focusing on average results will lead to the bombing of the marketing campaign. No sales, the possible collapse of the business or at least the product. And then precisely no one will be able to avail themselves of the transformative potential that some people do experience. Assume agency on the part of your audience. They are grown ups to understand that they are reading promotional text. They are also entirely capable of making their own decisions on how they spend their money.

So here we are arriving at the question at hand: how to do something you hate without making matters worse. Maybe you don’t hate marketing, but in your business, there will be some part that you loathe, whether it be book keeping or strategic planning, whatever kind of task it is that gets you stuck in a bottleneck. Let’s not forget indecision, perfectionism, procrastination, all behaviors triggered by fear, a painful emotion and one we understandably work hard to avoid.

While I never advocate for anyone to retraumatize themselves while their nervous systems are activated, outside of those times, it is worth noting that our ability to manage difficult tasks directly correlates to our capacity to manage painful or difficult emotions. That capacity will vary hugely from person to person and at the individual level from day to day. So for any mission critical task that you are not able to delegate? Try this very abbreviated protocol for attention focusing. One, ground yourself in your body and notice that you are safe.

Hug yourself. Look around the room. Observe your surroundings, breathe into your feet and your tailbone. Do tapping or EFT self inquiry, the work of Byron Katie, on statements like, I can’t do this, or this is too difficult for me I might as well give up, or I am just not cut out for success. Marketing specific topics might be, I must always be 100 percent honest and show all sides of any argument or it is wrong and bad of me to try to influence people.

It is sleazy to promote my thing, and so on. And may I remind you, millions of people pay very well indeed to experience sleaze. So why not embrace it for the wicked fun that is. Write on a sticky note the one very clearly defined task you are working on. This should be something extremely specific. Sort out my promotion messaging, is very unhelpful as it gives no information about the steps involved. Whereas, write one promotional email featuring a client story is a very much clearer task.

Place the sticky note on the side of your computer screen as a visual aid should you find yourself off task. Take a few deep breaths and visualize your heart glowing, radiating from every pore until you are emanating as your most powerful and magical self. Set a timer for just 15 minutes and until the timer goes off. Devote yourself to the task with exquisitely close attention to every aspect, as if you were studying with a learned master.

You are. Pay particular notice to the subtleties, the nuances and the messages that the difficult parts have for you. Reflect that for some people, the very parts you hate are the parts they adore and make it your task to discover just what it is that captivates them so. As with anything we set out to learn, familiarity, understanding and confidence in it take time and practice. After a mere 15 minutes, you may wish to take a break and congratulate yourself, but you might also decide that the task was very much less agonizing than you had imagined and decide to carry on.

Nobody is judging you except you. I believe in you. Beautiful soul, I truly hope that this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable, magical power. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to subscribe for more life changing lessons. I love you and I will see you next time.

Practical Magick - Mercury

Practical Magick - Working with Mercury

Practical Magick

Collaborating with the planetary deity Mercury (aka Hermes) may be the most lucrative business decision you make this year.

Planetary magic is a creative act of relationship-building based on intention, gifts, respect, gratitude, specific requests and reciprocity.

Watch and understand how Mercury can help you get everything you desire. In this lesson you will learn:

☿ why you’d want to work with Mercury
☿ what planetary magic entails
☿ how to attract Mercury’s attention
☿ the critical importance of shadow work when practicing any kind of magic
☿ the exact steps to initiate a relationship
☿ what to do next

An incomplete list of Mercury correspondences (as mentioned in the video):
Glyph: ☿
Day of the week: Wednesday
Colour: orange, gold
Number: 8
Orphic hymn: 27
Energy centre: throat
Scent, spices and incense: frankincense, lavender, coriander, cardamom, star anise, sandalwood, bergamot
Crystals: agate, carnelian, mica, jasper
Metal: mercury, aluminium
Food & drink: coffee, tea, wine, honey water, strawberries, bread, olives, olive oil, pistachio
Plants & herbs: lavender, parsley, honeysuckle, garlic, birch, mulberry, marjoram, ferns
Totems or emblems of the magician or trickster: the fox, the coyote, the hare, the raven, the spider, Shakespear’s Puck, Bugs Bunny, Pippi Longstocking, The Magician/Magus tarot card, the Joker in a deck of playing cards


🐸 Quick and Dirty Alchemy

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- Transcript -

If you are a witch, enchantress, magician or any other type of magical, curious person who is running a business, particularly in the early stages, getting the god mercury on your team could be the most lucrative decision you make, and one I highly recommend. I am about to exalt his name and share how you, too, can experience his wildly creative, rapturous energy. Stay tuned.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician, as of course are you. I’m a writer and a shaman of words, and I work on this channel to equip you with all the tools and concepts you need to achieve everything you desire.

Today, we are talking about the deity Mercury, associated with the planet of the same name, and also known in the Greek pantheon as Hermes. I’m going to tell you exactly how to initiate a relationship with him and what to expect from it.

But first, and as ever, if you are brilliantly clever with the attention span of a gnat like me, pause now and adjust the playback speed to one point twenty five or even one point five. And hold on tight.

Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of our mercury devotions, let’s spend just a moment examining why we might wish to do this. After all, it can indeed feel quite awkward the first few times we reach out to a new deity. Most of us, after all, are not culturally conditioned to feel comfortable and at ease standing in front of a homemade altar, giving a perfectly good piece of cake to an invisible entity and wondering if we’re doing it right.

In fact, you may even have been taught that it’s actually sinful or wrong to do such a thing. In which case, I commend your commitment to utter disregard for such a blinkered point of view. Given all the barriers put up by our culture’s spiritual gatekeepers, in other words, the church, why would we wish to risk spiritual ostracization? The answer, Kittens, is magick.

For thousands of years, going back to pre-Christian times, the planets and the deities and archetypes associated with them have been invoked by alchemists as powerful benefactors. They have worn a clear path through which you can connect with planetary archetypes known to assist with the outcome you desire. Making an appeal in planetary magic is the creative act of relationship building made with intentional offerings, respect, gratitude, specific requests and reciprocity.

Conveniently, for the novice magician, the seven planets of our blessed inner solar system represent seven extremely helpful deities. Also, conveniently, all of the deities have a well-established list of correspondences or stuff they like that will attract their attention and their energy: food, drinks, herbs, flowers, crystals, colours, totems. Each has their own glyph or symbol. Each has their own mudra or hymn or mantra. They have poetry, days of the week, of course, and even their own hours within each day. I imagine the planetary deities engaged in an eternal dance of unopposed and blissful creation.

Our mortal offerings of appropriate correspondences attract the attention of the specific deity we need. Imagine Michelle Obama or any other dignified wise elder were visiting for afternoon tea. Before her arrival, we might make some discreet enquiries about her particular likes and dislikes, and if possible, would have her favorite treats available and a posy of her favorite flowers in a jug on the table. We would certainly use the best china and place a comfortable cushion on a chair for her and generally tidy up the place.

Before I get on to Mercury’s particular preferences and how to use them to strike up a friendship or even a love affair, I should note it is extremely important to continue your practice of personal alchemy while creating planetary magic for several reasons.

One, your internal blocks will stand in the way of incoming beautiful synchronicities. Working with these archetypes can also dissolve these blocks, although they often do so in a rather uncomfortable and tricksy way.

Two, in the process of alchemy, transformation into a metaphorical butterfly happens after the painful and frightening disintegration into something formless and slimy. So you need to initiate that dissolving before creating something marvelous and new.

And number three: your will, your desire will always be reflected in the results of your magic, especially if your shadow wants one thing and your ego another. A practice of personal alchemy, in other words, shadow integration – and you can see my video on Quick and Dirty Alchemy, for more on this – unifies your will.

Please also note: magick can, of course, only be created within the mundane, the actual physical existing in reality channels in your life. Magic to fly on your own wings, for example, will see you flying in the dream realm. Likewise, you will not become a famous author in this earthly realm if you never sit down to write.

Remember, you do not need to believe in magic in order to practice it effectively. Magic is a technology. Perform the practices earnestly and be open to observing the results. After that extensive preamble, we are ready to talk about Mercury.

Mercury and Jupiter are the two planets most frequently recommended for business and career purposes. But every one of the planetary deities have extremely useful attributes to lend to your work. My own business is dedicated to Mercury, who is particularly helpful in the early stages. So we will start with him.

Mercury is the power of thought, creativity, words and how we use them. His is the energy of the humming supercomputer, the internet, digital currency and innovation. Mercury is the fastest moving of all the planets in the solar system. And he rules speed and technology, wealth, good fortune, healing, trade, commerce, all I am sure you will agree, wonderful gifts for a growing business to harness. Metaphysically, Mercury is the archetype of the messenger and magician. He delivers messages between heaven, earth and the underworld, travelling between the realms and therefore on an individual level. He connects our highest self, our ego and our shadow.

He is also the God of thieves and trickster’s. And why I do not necessarily recommend theft, except in exceptional circumstances, asking Hermes for trickster energy is a highly effective antidote to imposter syndrome, or the fear of being found out and exposed as incompetent or unqualified.

Before I talk you through this ritual, I want to remind you that this channel exists for the purpose of changing your life for the better. And the lessons I share here are transformative. Your future self will thank you for subscribing so that you never miss a thing.

First, find a candle, orange or gold for preference. All white. A suitable cloth, card or tray to act as an alter space. And a few correspondences to attract Hermes energy. Gather any items you can from the list that I will put in the description, which is an incomplete catalog of correspondences. The exact number is unimportant. Even just a slip of paper with his glyphs drawn on will work. Magician’s choice always based on the time and resources you have available.

Do not let perfectionism delay your practice. You have enough right now to start a conversation with Hermes. He is waiting and eager to work with you. Next, decide what you will ask for. Any of Mercury’s powers are appropriate. You can request inspiration, clarity on your next steps. You can request his support to be a brilliant writer or joy and fun in building your business. Trickster energy to overcome doubt.

Whatever you feel will help you the most right now. And remember, you can always change what you ask for from week to week, even day to day or hour to hour. My own experience when first working with Mercury was that the inspiration and the next steps were coming much too fast. I wasn’t able to keep up with the download’s I was being given, and I was so energized by his inspiration that I couldn’t even sleep. So I asked him to slow down a little, to provide me with a sense of ease and playfulness and to always give me plenty of time to do the things I need to do.

The next step is to decide what you will give in return. Planetary deities tend to be somewhat transactional, so you should let Mercury what you offer in return for his favor. That could be more offering. Honoring his day, exalting his name. All are perfect, but just be sure that when he delivers that you do hold up your side of the bargain.

Next, set a date. All of the planets are available to us all of the time. However, planetary magic is rather planetary, so your appeal will be strongest if you’re able to perform the invocation on Mercury’s day, which is Wednesday. And even in Mercury’s hour, which can easily be worked out with a quick Google search. Again, do not allow perfectionism to hold you back. An invocation performed on a Monday will be infinitely more effective than no invocation at all.

To the ritual. Clear and clean space to make your offerings. Be clean. Be in a place that is clean. Gather your materials and cleanse the space with smoke. Sound or clap loudly three times [claps] and say, haykass, haykass, este babaloy, to banish undesirable energy. Light the candle and incense, and place all your offerings ceremoniously on the space you have cleared. Anoint your third eye, throat, heart, palms of your hands and base off your skull with an appropriate sacred oil or water if you have one.

Humbly ask Mercury to accept your offerings. You can beckon him by reading aloud his Orphic hymn or saying something like, Hermes, I offer you this flame, this smoke, this food and drink. Draw near and hear my prayer. Thank you for your wondrous gifts that you bring to the world, and thank you for allowing us to access them. I humbly invite you to channel your gifts and your energy through me and my business. Please help me to say what you want here so that I may bring more of your attributes to the world. And thanks for your blessings. I shall return to you with more and bounteous offerings, and I shall exalt your name.

Meditate for a little while, imagining the absolute wonder of what it means to allow an actual deity to channel through you and your business and then close the ritual by saying, Hermes, thank you for the generosity with which you share your gifts. Please stay to enjoy these offerings and leave whenever it pleases you. Then snuff out the candles, don’t blow them. It is generally considered impolite to blow on the elemental spirits of fire in this way.

And note the ceremony, what you did, how it felt, and what came up in your magical journal. Congratulations. You have just initiated a reciprocal relationship with Mercury. Afterwards, note in your magical journal, how your moods and dreams are affected in the days immediately following. And I know this all sounds very extra if you’re not used to working with deities other than that of your religion, of upbringing.

As I explained in the beginning, it does require a modicum of ego death to put cake on an altar, to banish demons and to say this kind of thing out loud. But I promise that when you see how quickly Mercury responds, you’ll be chatting to him regularly and it will feel as natural as a phone conversation with an old friend. It’s very enlivening and great fun to plan these rituals too. A mission like this is an extremely invigorating thing.

And one of the greatest perks of being a magician is the research and acquisition of candles, herbs, crystals and oils. In the coming days and weeks, practicing non attachment to outcome is the single most important attitudinal adjustment that you can create on your quest to become a powerful magician. And again, you can see more about this in my video that I’ve linked below. Attaching urgency and importance to a specific particular outcome is symptomatic of a divided will. Whenever we are strongly attached, it is because we sense our shadow’s longing for the drama and intensity of being denied that desire.

And we already know that the shadow usually gets her way. For example, if I feel deeply attached to attracting a specific sum of money, and I simultaneously have a deep fear that it may be impossible for me to achieve that. Sure enough, impossible it will be. First, I must celebrate and enjoy the intense sensations of feeling undervalued, blocked, misunderstood, incompetent, financially lacking less than shut out of the success club, deprived of failure.

Because my shadow’s desire to feel those things is every bit as important as my ego’s desire to have that money. And my shadow’s masterful manifestation deserves to be celebrated. The moment we stop feeling victimized by the results we create from our shadow is the moment we start to feel already satisfied. Fulfilled. Powerful. Creative. It is the moment we remember our power as magicians and creators of our reality.

Once I am able to revel in the high drama of my shadow’s desires, I feel delight and fulfillment and my attachment to a particular sum of money or any other outcome goes away and then it arrives. Simply put, the less attached you are, the more beautiful and unexpected the results you will see. There has been a lot of information in this lesson, so I have created a transcript, including all the magical correspondences and invitations for your convenience, and you will find the link below.

Beautiful one. I truly hope this short lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable, magical power. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world now that Mercury is on your team. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to subscribe for more life changing lessons. I love you and I will see you next time.

Practical Magick - Alter Egos

Practical Magick

Developing a magical alter ego (or ‘other self’) is one of the most potent ways you can assist yourself in the actions required to achieve your hearts’ desires: used by elites sports people, entertainers, and high achieving business professionals alike.

Watch this video to understand what is an alter ego, and how you can create one that will help you the most.

In this lesson you will learn

👩‍🎤 who or what is the Alter Ego?
👩‍🎤 the relationship to personal demons
👩‍🎤 how to create a supportive and beneficial Alter Ego

👺 Working with Your Demons

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- Transcript -

Of course, you may be the kind of person who prefers to observe life from the sidelines, in which case I honor your choices. But if you’re rather the type to be interested in playing this game of life to the absolute fullest, splashing around with glorious abandon in the highs and lows, if you want to live a life full of adventure, sunshine, celebration, meaning and poetry, you’re going to need to stop fetishizing authenticity.

My name is Anna Bellissima. I am an extremely powerful magician, as of course are you, and I have spent the last two decades performing cruel and unusual experiments upon myself in search of an answer to the question, why does life have to be so fucking painful? The pursuit of that understanding very nearly killed me, and I’m about to share one of the most important ideas I ever discovered and which certainly saved my life.

But first, if you’re an extremely intelligent person who envies goldfish their focus set the speed of this video to one point two five or even one point five speed and wonder at how much easier it is to digest. I strongly advise using the pause button on this video, complete the lessons as they relate to your life, make notes if you choose. And then today, this hour, this moment could be the moment your life changes beyond recognition, which is exactly what happened to me.

Life as a human being is full of struggles. Yes, we have many wonderful tools for personal development at our disposal, but nevertheless we will all always experience some difficulties and pressure. So what would you say if I were to offer to share with you a hack, a mind game, if you will, that will enable you to take on fearsomely challenging tasks and situations without ever falling prey to the doubts and misgivings that sometimes paralyze us. After all, as we have previously discussed, if you’re a person who believes in themselves enough, at least some of the time, to know that they could create a big impact on the world, I am your greatest cheerleader.

The world urgently needs your magic and in return promises everything you desire. And so it is extremely important that you grow your capacity to take on phenomenal challenges without boiling over, losing your cool, flipping your lid or any other idiom that describes having reached your capacity for self-regulation. And the solution for this universal and timeless problem is the alter ego.

Or to translate it from the Latin, the other eye. This is a concept first articulated by Cicero in the first century anno Domini, and it describes a distinct, separate personality which you create and which lives within you, an innner friend, another version of ourselves who is better equipped with the characteristics that will help you succeed in whatever challenge you face, whether that is holding your nerve in high level international arms deals, or balancing the career you love with a competing value of yours, to spend plenty of time active and outdoors with your family. When you become more intentional about which characteristics are important for this level in the game of life, the immersive experience in which we are all earnestly engaged, we activate a creative engine that propels a new level of performance.

So how do you create one of these magical partners who can enter the arena and go out to bat on your behalf unhindered by your personal demons? How demons? Before I go on, you may have noticed, but mind bending, path altering, destiny creating lessons here that if studied and absorbed, will change the course of your life. If you haven’t already done so, please pause now to subscribe to this channel. And back to the subject at hand: a couple of weeks ago, we spoke about the benefits of the personification of problems as demons, and I will link that video below.

Now, let’s imagine we live with a particularly tenacious demon who thrives on our lack of self-confidence, fear of judgment and aversion to risk. They are fed by hidden forces, forces like not taking yourself or your own power seriously, or your individual history of trauma, or the narratives we perceive as being approved by our peers. The first step is to be extremely clear on the ways in which your demon is not helping you, exactly what negative traits they hold and give them a name. Naming your demon creates a compelling distinction between the two aspects of yourself the heroic self, the self who is whole and unhindered, and the demon trying to trap you in despair. Now we will go one step further and develop the alter ego.

The alter ego is a blend of all the characteristics that will absorb the blows or worries directed at you by your demon. Say, for example, your demon loves to whisper that you can’t be successful in your business, until one hundred pieces fall into place, including repairing your relationship with your mother and miraculously curing the things about you that you believe make you destined to fail. In that case, your alter ego needs to be someone who oozes self-confidence, is ridiculously approving of your quirks and differences, and in fact, loves you all the more for them, and knows that they are the source of your genius.

And then we need to imagine how our alter ego will behave in any of the moments when your demons typically undermine you. To give another example, imagine you have a demon who thrives on you keeping your business really small by making you feel like it would be too difficult or painful to regularly make videos. Meanwhile, you really want to make videos because you think it will be fun and an engaging means of delivering your valuable magic to the world. So you develop your alter ego.

Name them and then imagine in great detail how your alter ego will act, behave, think, speak, feel and perform when the idea of creating a video or whatever it is you are struggling with is presented to them. Let’s develop an alter ego together right now. What characteristics do you need? What people, historical, real, fictional or imagined embody those characteristics? Write them all down.

What or who else do you admire and why? And how can you incorporate those aspects too. How does this new person behave? How do they move, carry themselves, gesture and speak? How do they dress? What energy do they bring into a room? What does your alter ego believe about themselves? What do they know? What do they think and what do they never think? What happened to them in their past to make them the force of nature they are today? And what do they care deeply about? Now, allow your alter ego to inhabit you.

Notice what it feels like to be them, and give yourself a moment or two to notice and strengthen their responses to the barbs you typically level at yourself. Things like this is too hard, or who do you think you are? Or you just don’t have what it takes. The final step in this process is, of course, to make use of the alter ego. We are all guilty of having excellent solutions to problems which we simply do not deploy because our shadow takes over.

Here, I recommend a totem or amulet, some symbol or object that you can imbue with the meaning of your new best friend and partner as a reminder to let them take the reins frequently and not only during times of crisis. Just as we learned to name and personify the difficulties in life, so here we’re naming and personifying our strength and talents to honor and respect and love them and give them plenty of time at the steering wheel. Your alter ego can take you forward in pursuit of your dreams at an accelerating rate.

You have no more excuses as to why this is impossible for you, unless you feel like being beholden to an artificial construct based, as I mentioned at the outset of this class, on the fetishization, the moral judgment of an indefinable concept called authenticity. I have little patience for it. And if you are determined to remain a victim of your perceived circumstances, I respect your position. On the other hand, I am positively giggling with excitement and on tenterhooks, waiting for you to share with me how you stormed through the blocks you set up to protect yourself from success with the energy of a stampede.

I know you can do this. Your alter ego, which is, in case you haven’t guessed yet, the most noble and heroic part of you writ large, knows you can do it. Even your demons know and that’s why they’re fighting so hard. I am dedicated to your success. Please let me know what you’d like me to support you with next time. Thank you for being here. I love you and I will see you here again soon.

Practical Magick - You and the Holy Guardian Angel

Practical Magick - Guardian Angels

Practical Magick

Your Holy Guardian Angel is your guide to your soul’s evolution – so it’s a good idea to get to know them sooner rather than later.

Watch and understand who or what is the Holy Guardian Angel, what is their role, and how to get in touch with them.

There is a great deal of mystery about The Great Mystery – and appropriately so. But don’t let dogma put you off understanding the most loyal lover (and, equally, one you love to hate) you will ever experience.

In this lesson you will learn

👼🏻 who or what is the Holy Guardian Angel?
👼🏼 what is our relationship to them?
👼🏽 are they part of us or separate to us?
👼🏾 traditional ways of initiating contact
👼🏿 non-traditional ways


🐸 Quick and Dirty Alchemy

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- Transcript -

If you are devoutly committed to achieving never-ending bliss, you’ll probably need to be in touch with your Holy Guardian Angel. But who, where, what, why and… I suppose… how, *is* this uncomfortably named spiritual entity? Keep watching to find out.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician (as of course are you), a writer and shaman of words, and my purpose here is to equip you with the tools and concepts you need to achieve your hearts’ desires.

Today we are talking about the Holy Guardian Angel. Plenty of magicians love to shroud this being in mystery and create a sense of exclusivity around knowledge of this angel… in fact, the relationship is eminently available to anyone willing to see past the awkward pseudo-Christian nomenclature, and decide that they are ready and able to meet them. I’m going to tell you exactly how to go about this, but first let’s set the stage with some foundational understanding.

The Holy Guardian Angel as a concept first appears in Western Occultism in the very beginning of the 20th century in the Book of Abremelin by the deliciously named Abraham of Worms. And knowledge of and conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel was emphasised by famous British occultist, troublesome uncle Alister Crowley and his contemporaries in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, as being the ultimate purpose of the spiritual path – that this IS the great alchemical work of gnosis.

One way of looking at this is to consider that at least one definition of the Higher Self would be the pure, divine energetic essence of us – whereas the Holy Guardian Angel is the personification of that essence.

Each of us is in a binding and non-dissolvable relationship with our Holy Guardian Angel from the moment we are born until we shuffle off this mortal coil. And, somewhat confusingly given the name, if you look to them for protection from suffering you are very likely to be disappointed.

We could hypothesise that the Holy Guardian Angel is actually the divine elements of our ‘selves’, the eternal spirit who has put forward a small part of themselves to be incarnated into a human body. Living in complete, unopposed creative bliss may get to be a little wearing after an eternity, so a short period – say around 80 years, give or take – inhabiting the frailty of the human body for a round of the Game of Limitation (or as we call it ‘life’) is a welcome diversion.

And unfortunately for our poor human souls, the Holy Guardian Angel loves dramatic tension. They love a great story including tragedy, heart-break, disatisfaction, despair, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and other such dances. They are every bit as enchanted by our suffering as they are by our bliss.

But the Holy Guardian Angel is unequivocally tethered to the divine source – any time we feel our egoic self dissolve, replaced by that incredibly expansive knowledge of ourselves as the creator of the entirely universe – that is connection to the Holy Guardian Angel.

Debate about whether the Holy Guardian Angel is an internal part of us or an external entity are entirely moot if we accept ourselves as indistinguishable from the divine creator. Internal or external, the end result is the same and the initiation of knowledge and conversation is reached in the same way, so the debate only serves as a distraction from that important work.

There are a number of different rites and rituals created specifically for the purpose of contacting your Holy Guardian Angel but the common themes tend to be retreat from society, prayer, fasting and surrender. And if you are on a strict spiritual path, those routes are indeed highly recommended.

BUT, as with all things in magick, there is very little that is a hard pre-requisite. The fact is, that if you are just starting out on a spiritual path you will probably be more interested in practical magick – or magick to get things (usually money, power and sex) – than transcendence for it’s own sake. And if you’re at the point of being interested in contacting the Holy Guardian Angel, you’re probably ready and able.

You could also experiment with some easier and more pleasurable practices than fasting, isolation and prayer. If you adopt, even temporarily, the idea that the Holy Guardian Angel is the voice of our intuition and provider of our inspiration, for example, you could try created a committed meditation practice with the specific intention of encountering the HGA and see what happens.

In shadow work, knowledge of the Holy Guardian Angel is particularly fun, because, as our eternal guides, they take ultimate responsibility for delivering to us all the experiences we learn and grow from which, it just so happens, are usually the painful and difficult ones. It would be easy to come to resent them, in this case, so it helps to visualise them as a devastatingly, magnetically attractive, sadistically sexy lover, who is endlessly aroused by our frustration, humiliation, desperation and despair.

Framed that way, and with the understanding that pain is in fact a source of power (as you can see in my lesson on Quick and Dirty Alchemy), is a pretty effective way of ending your human suffering – which is a pretty big promise, and one I recommend you explore.

Whether you are *actually* contacting the Holy Guardian Angel through your kinky fantasies or whether you are *imagining* it is largely beside the point – the important thing being that you are digiligant in your efforts and follow through on the wisdom you are given.

Encountering the Holy Guardian Angel is universally a positive experience although it may require dramatic changes to your life path. They will reveal your true life purpose, and your path, so it is a work to be undertaken with diligence and devotion and I wish you only the very best of luck with your endeavours to meet your kinky, sadistic guide.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world.

Thanks so much for watching, please remember to subscribe for more life-changing lessons, I love you, and I will see you next time.

Practical Magick - Working with Demons

Practical Magick - Working with Demons

Practical Magick

If personal demons are blocking your progress, what can you do to work with them in a positive way, instead?

Watch to discover how to identify your demons, and how to invite them into a mutually beneficial (instead of a destructive) relationship.


Don’t be afraid – there’s nothing to be scared of. These demons love you, they just love the things you hate.

The book referenced is Uncle Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons by Ramsey Dukes

This is another SUPER effective method of shadow integration – and like all other methods, it only hurts a *little* bit (and considerably less than the disruption demons cause when left unsupervised).

In this lesson you will learn

😈 what is a personal demon
😈 inner demons as it relates to animism
😈 the benefits of getting into conversation with your demons
😈 how to find and talk to your demons


🐸 Shadow Work

Prefer to read the transcript? Scroll down… ⬇️

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- Transcript -

If you interact with magic, you’re probably very turned on by hilarious new ways of working with your shadow, so that you can get more money, sex and power. Stay tuned, kittens.

As usual if you are very clever with a short attention span like me adjust the playback on this lesson to 1.25 or even 1.5 speed: it will help your focus.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician (as of course are you), and I am here to awaken you to your fullest magical power.

Today we are getting into it with Demons. Naturally, I will begin by explaining why you would want to embark on such a venture, and after that I shall teach you how to begin demon work for fun and profit.

Before we begin you will find the concepts I share here far more fully explained in Uncle Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons, which I shall detail below. I found the practice so invigorating, I am compelled to share it with you all here.

Setting aside the better known demons of the ancient grimoires, understanding our own demons, closer to home, is an important body of work – a lifetime’s work, in fact – because our demons are the little spirits, the gnarly knots of karma, trauma, conditioning and limitation, that hold us back from the manifestation of our every desire.

These demons are indeed a personification of our shadows – both individual and collective. If you are a regular viewer, you will know that there are many ways of addressing these demons, some of which are outlined in the previous lesson on shadow work.

And today I present another method to add to your craft basket. It is an approach to life’s suffering and struggles that encourages an attitude of curiosity and play; which alone is reason enough to pay close attention followed by gleeful experimentation.

In a moment we will talk about identifying and conversing with demons, but first some context to our demonic invocations.

The central axiom we are working with is to treat all of life as you would wish to be treated. Empathise with recalcitrant technology, converse with the weather… study and name the patterns of frustration (and success!) in your life, then create a conscious (rather than unconscious, as it has been until now) relationship with them.

This is the principle of animism: the attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena…. where nothing is ‘inanimate’ – everything is ‘possessed’ of a spirit or intelligence. And here we are extending that attribution of a spirit to PATTERNS of emotions, situations, circumstances. We are noticing patterns (which is an incredible gift of the human brain) and ascribing soul, spirit and intelligence to them.

I strongly encourage you to believe whatever you like, about the literal existence, or not, of demons; simply ‘try on’ animism as an optional set of rules for this Game of Limitation – I’ve found few more powerful techniques for handling whatever life throws at us.

And as we all know by now, when you look for intelligence, with your heart and your incredible human brain, when you look for intelligence in a thing, or in this case in a PATTERN – you will find it.

The first major benefit of animism is this: once you ascribe a soul and spirit to a thing, you can enter a relationship with it. You can communicate, and learn from one another, and compromise or even collaborate.

And the other great benefit of summoning demons in this way, is that it instantly forgives and absolves YOUR self from any sense of blame or responsibility for this situation, no longer is there any sense in trying to ‘puzzle’ your way through the problem, taxing your poor dear brain to come up with ‘the answer’. No longer is there is anything wrong with you that means you can’t make more than a certain number of pounds a month – it’s just that you live with a demon who depends upon your financial stricture.

And in case you still need persuading, this method has has a wonderful side effect: that you learn to treat all other beings in a more empathic, compassionate and humane way. including all other humans, and including of course, yourself.

Now that we understand why it is worth talking to demons, let’s understand how to talk to them.

But before we go on: the lessons I teach on this channel will change your life, the information in them is transformative. So I’d like you to subscribe, if you haven’t done so already – and imagine how deeply your future self will thank you for never missing a precious nugget.

To find your demon, identify any area of your life in which you feel pain or struggle. Some common demons include depression; sickness; nostalgia, or the feeling that everything used to be so much better; lingering injury; our feelings towards our bodies; low self-esteem; financial scarcity; scarcity of love and connection; stress and anxiety.

And having decided on just one of these demons, we can converse with them through divination. Uncle Ramsey, suggests internal divination first, which works like this: generating (through the power of imagination) a strong physical sense of the ‘do not like’ emotion and become very clear on what it feels like in the body. Where it lives, the temperature, whether it prickles, aches, fizzes or burns etc. Ask the demon if this will represent a ‘yes’ answer, and then continue to ask ‘yes/no’ questions using physical sensation as an indication of the affirmative.

For people like me, who are less naturally intuitive, a pendulum may be used instead.

And then as we move forward in life we can look at the ‘mood’ of the pattern or system and ask “If I were in that mood, what might I do next?” and then observing what does happen next.

Imagine we have a demon who is sabotaging our efforts to grow a successful business. How do we address that demon? Presumably, the effect of the demand means that you dwell on where the next client will come from, brood on the possibility of being forced to admit defeat, accumulate pain of rejection and failure.

And we need to turn our attention away from the negative and ask what is gained. Does it confirm a prejudice you carry? Does it allow you to be deliciously helpless and needing rescuing? If you can uncover some hidden benefit, this is an excellent conversation starter because it transforms the relationship you have with one being who is always loyal – the demond. Now they have been reframed as a caring figure who works hard to keep you safe, and you are both in a better position to discuss the problem at hand and seek a mutually agreeable solution.

May I speak with the demon who relies upon my feeling of financial scarcity? Do you adore when I am worried about money? would you be willing to compromise or even collaborate, so that we can both get our needs met? would you be willing to exchange my fear and worry for excitement and arousal? would you be prepared to change the rules of the game so that you rely on my exhilaration? shall we partner up to see just how fast we can get rich? will you be happy to speak with me again soon?

My loves, you are too clever! You have spotted it! This is another form of alchemy. Does you need to believe in demons? Absolutely not. Is this all just imagination? Absolutely. Your human mind and power of imagination is the greatest power you have, and you can use it to turn the rules with which you have been playing this game called life upside down and inside out and play it however you choose.
Are microscopic movements in my fingers influencing the pendulum? Of course they are! The creative force of the entire universe lives within me, I am the entire dreamer of this dream! I know every answer to every question I will ever ask – the pendulum just helps to get it out.

If you are in psychotherapy, your therapist may use the term ‘projections’ to refer to demons. Psychotherapy is a noble calling and an excellent form of self care, but I find working with demons to be far quicker and more hilarious.

And like all magic, once you decide it is true, the Universe starts to unfolding exactly as if it was true. So what will it be? Do you wish to live in a world of magic, or not?

Oh, and I should point out to you, that if your demons start acting up now – well of course it’s because they’ve been watching this lesson with you and may now become upset or even resentful if you do not initiate contact. Of course they may also be relieved and take the opportunity to gain even tighter control over you.

Beautiful soul, I truly hope this little lesson has helped you on your path to unstoppable magical power – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the world, now that your shadow knows it is accepted, adored and admired.

Thanks so much for watching, please remember to subscribe for more life-changing lessons, I love you, and I will see you next time.