If you are using magic in order to amass great wealth, I strongly recommend you initiate a relationship with the Spirit of Money at your earliest convenience. If you haven’t explored Money’s shadow before this might be a lot to take in, but you’re in safe hands. Treat this as a game and see what happens.

My name is Anna Bellissima, I am an extremely powerful magician and one of the things I’m most interested in, because it makes my life so much better, is using words and magic to change how I think about and interact with things – particularly the things I don’t like or which aren’t flowing easily for me.

Rather than battling my way through, or repressing my feelings, and using sheer bloody-mindedness to try to change reality, I prefer to use ceremony, ritual, and unreasonable levels of love and approval to establish a new relationship with that thing or situation. Because very often the results are truly, truly miraculous.

Today, we’re going to examine how we’ve been relating to money until now, what we need to forgive, what we need to be forgiven for. This is a shadow exploration, a dive into the dark, and it’s going to mark a turning point, a pivot in your relationship with money, and mine: a very new way to relate to money.

I’m going to talk a little bit about why you might wish to relate to Money as a Spirit, and how that might change the way the world unfolds for you, and then I’m going to give you some more resources for initiating that relationship.

MONEY. Such a big energy, So potent, dark, energising and liberating and complex and beautiful and corrupting….

In the gospels of Mark and Luke, our favourite witch Jesus addresses money as a spirit called Mammon. And that characterisation is very useful for us, as magically-minded people. Because whether or not you choose to believe that Money is literally a spirit, it certainly has many characteristics of a spirit, just as your own personal angels and demons do.

So let’s look at Money and see if it makes sense to approach it as a spirit? First, it’s invisible, intangible, as you know currency, our notes and coins, are tokens representing units of money, not money themselves, and in this day and age that is increasingly dying out, many of us hardly touch cash at all, so it’s an invisible, abstract idea, where we feel that things are being moved, adjusted around us, but on a level we can’t actually see.

Despite it’s invisibility and intangibility, it creates very concrete effects in people’s lives, whether through it’s presence or it’s absence, whether it is benevolent, cordial, indifferent or downright cruel.

Naturally, we have sigils and talismans for money, as we do for demons and spirits, but and most important for our purposes here today, money has certain protocols for its correct handling. Very much depending upon how you treat it, it can be friendly or unfriendly; a source of great comfort, or something we resent, fear, and inadvertently push away…

If we think of this as a kinky dom/sub relationship, for many of us Money is a cruel dom, but we, instead of surrendering and submitting, have our attention split. We are trying to seize control, to be the Domme, but we’re so in our feelings about it, we’re receiving all these somatic, bodily sensations from the energies of Money which we’re not processing well, and which are triggering our stories and our fears. So we’re not being effective as a sub, or as a Domme.

Obviously, to get this relationship working as we need to introduce some balance, create boundaries, reestablish commucation, and we need to learn to love money, for all that it is.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in many spiritual traditions, the pursuit of money is considered with great suspicion. And this isn’t necessarily a mistake, after all – terrible, heinous things are done every day, every minute, in the name of money. It is a nasty, dark intoxicating and incredibly powerful magical substance.

Consider the evolution of money, as a means of exchanging tokens, talismans, for life force. If you pay me for an hour of my time, we trade an abstract concept – digits in the banking and commerce system – for an hour of my life. An hour of this one precious life, and an hour of my energy that I could spend playing with my children, or tending a garden. In exchange for these tokens, I will allow you to consume me. Who knows what level of consumption I would grant, if the number of tokens was great enough – do you see, how this substance has cannibalism and consumption build into it?

Of course, it also happens to be warm, generous, comforting, kind, charitable and capable of creating incredible transformations – in other words, it’s a lot like you and me – complex, non-dual, and very very fucked up.

However. We know that the danger of certain magical substances is the very thing that makes them such incredibly potent agents of spiritual awakening. Whether it is demonic ritual, baneful herbs, plant medicine, sex magic – all are used to achieve higher planes of enlightenment

– these strands form The POISON PATH, in which we as practitioners – intentionally embracing the poisonous – the dark, repulsive and dangerous – in order to transmute them into some of greatest medicine, and most spectacular magic imaginable

Money, I am sure you agree, is one of the vilest poisons in our culture today. You know this because you have sniffed distastefully at news, wrung your hands over crimes, signed petitions, and shared memes about social inequality

Think of the outrage at news about Bezos and Musk’s tax affairs, and how much we enjoy taking the philosophical and moral standpoint that billionairesship should not exist in a world where people also experience crushing poverty

We – particularly women – are actively encouraged, by the prevailing culture, to seek only ‘just enough’ money. Never to be greedy or acquisitive. To consider ourselves as being separate and certainly morally superior to people who are extremely wealthy.

But, despite the lack of trust, this relationship really isn’t something we can avoid – because if we refuse to remain in an ineffective and unfulfilling relationship to Money, and don’t wish to actively avoid money, the only option is to persuade the Spirit of Money to work for us, exactly as we might do with a spirit.

Money, as a spirit, wants to be valued it wants to be loved. On the surface, of course, we all love money – or is it rather that we hate to be without it? Because I speak to a LOT of people who diminish and apologise for their desire for money, and who tell me how people become untrustworthy or unscrupulous when they get rich.

One of the truisms, the epithets that I live by, is that the only way to change something is by loving it, all the way through. I expect you too have been subjected to Money Mindset advice encouraging us to focus on the wonderful things we will do with money, and resolutely ignores the atrocities undeniably inflicted on people and our planet in the name of money.

It is easy to see why we distrust and therefore push away money. But we can’t learn to love it by ignoring its shadow. Just like learning to love ourselves or our children or any other relationship; conditional love does not create a powerful beneficial symbiosis.

We’ve learned, haven’t we, in our exploration of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, that, if ‘having is evidence of wanting’, then we all do indeed ‘want’ some extremely fucked up things. And all the beautiful, exquisite, tender things we love and want, exist alongside cruelty, depravity, and utter, utter horror. And that the only way to get more of the things we know we do want, is to find a way, however imperfect, to love the awful as well.

Now, as I mentioned at the top of this video, it’s my belief that anyone in business, and anyone handling money, is advised to have a permanent money or wealth altar. After all, we are all going to be dealing with money in one way or another until the day we die.

If you don’t feel like you want to give permanent space to a money altar then at least have one set up during times where you are actively seeking to manage or increase or change the flow of money into and out of your household coffers – or, like now, when you’re planning for a period of time ahead.

You will need to tend your altar regularly because items on it manifest in your magic even those things that are there accidentally like a glass of water like dust on the surface of a glass of water or rotting offerings. Creating and tending your altar is an amazing way to keep your magic alive but you must keep it clean, tidy and energetised so that your magic will match. Better to put it all away than let it stand dusty and neglected.

So to create your altar, have a look at my video on YouTube on the subject, which I will link below, but a cloth or tray, (green, blue or gold), and then gather money related effigies, talismans, totems, or other paraphernalia. Arrange them according to your own pleasure. You may include a print or statue of gods or deities associated with Wealth; a picture of a deceased relative who was particularly handy with money. A green or gold candle with symbols or Sigils inscribed upon it; appropriate planetary correspondences, for example with Jupiter who is the planet and deity responsible for expansion, wealth, riches and general largesse; and I highly recommend writing a letter to the spirit of money. Thanking it in great detail for every penny that has been spent on you since you were born. And asking for forgiveness for every time you have judged money negatively and pushed it away as it tried to approach and enrich you.

So before we end, it’s very important that you acknowledge the Spirit of Money right now – like all things it dwells within you and your consciousness, so you’d be advised to recognise it’s presence. Pause the video if you’d like to, and just give gratitude for all that money has made possible, all it has given you since the day you were born. Everything you’ve received throughout your life – from the roof over your head – for your medical care, your education, for all the lessons it has taught you, for the clothes on your back, the food in your kitchen, the device you’re looking at right now.

Then spend a moment longer thanking money for all of the terrible, horrible, awful things that exist in our world because of money – in the wisdom and understanding that as a non-dual spirit, we cannot receive what we judge as “good” about money, without also accepting the bad.

If you are ready to initiate your relationship with Money, check the description below for a list of suggested items for your altar, and instructions for setting it up.
Next, you need to click on the link below to get a guided meditation – a potent and often very erotic encounter with Money – after which, I promise, things will never be the same.

Do comment below to let me know what happens.

Thank you so, so much for being here with me today. My tender little heart is so endlessly full of gratitude for you all for spending time with me, and I look forward to the next time our paths cross, which I hope will be very, very soon.