…those who want to make their first sales

The early stages of a business needs a specific strategy.

This is the most ghastly stage of being in business: It’s uncomfortable, it’s scary, painful, and laborious. Ugh, what a combination.

And, it is the most important and profitable work you will ever do, because this is how you learn what the Spirit of your business is here to express, and how to sell it.

I give my clients the foundational pieces of daily actions, magic, and support through this initiatory experience that will get your business moving and on the way to £3k months.

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…and those ready to grow to six figures

Once you’ve learned to sell your offer, you’re ready to enchant for consistent income and a business that will truly sustain you - financially and energetically.

I am sharing the one simple strategy that grows your business without depleting your personal resources. That taps directly into the demand for your work, and the clients waiting to pay you.

The only question requiring your answer is: "how fast do you want to grow?"

Expect personal attention, advanced magick for beginners, and an alchemical mastermind community.

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