One hour of actionable advice (and shadow alchemy) from your favourite marketing witch, strategy Dominatrix, and certified Jungian coach.

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Looking for no bullshit, fun, actionable, creative and startlingly effective marketing and strategy advice from an expert?

Book your appointment today, and we can add magick to your offers, plot your next big move, sharpen your message, update your positioning, or strategise a sustainable marketing cycle…

… and if you’re getting in your own way, we can shift that as well.

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Are you:

  • Stuck?
  • Overwhelmed with information and contradictory advice?
  • Planning your next moves but want to talk through some details and nuance?
  • Confused about your next steps?
Yes, yes, yes!!

Do you want:

  • Practical, actionable advice you can implement straight away?
  • Clarity on offers, methodology, strategy, content, message, pricing or positioning?
  • Options you might not have thought of?
  • To incinerate any blocks that are holding you back?

Then let's talk!

  • 60 minutes on Zoom.
  • We can talk about whatever you want; ask questions in advance, or go where the conversation takes up.
  • No question too small or 'silly'.
  • No sales pitch.

I  °  A M  °  A N  °  O P E N  °  B O O K

You’re just a couple of clicks away from a clear path to where you want to be.

Use the calendar below to book – I’ll be in touch with a few questions before our call.

If you don’t see a slot that suits you due to global timezones, please get in touch and I will do my best to make it work!

Still not sure? Listen to these folks:

Wall of testimonials

“I’m really feeling power in my skills and services and my ability to market and sell has shifted. PEOPLE PAYING me feels soooooooo GOOOOD!! And I know how to use the magic, the community, and the plan to keep on growing.”
– Sophie, voice coach

“Getting clients was a struggle. No clients meant no money coming in to pay bills and support my family. As a single mom of 3, I am our sole provider. So there was a lot of anxiety around where my next client would come from. Several times I thought about throwing in the towel and going back to corporate, which felt like a slow death.

Anna just has the simplest, no bullshit methods. I love getting her weekly emails, the tasks are small and achievable; they do require bravery, but you absolutely can get them done. (Plus, she also gives methods on how to self-soothe and regulate the nervous system.)

Her witches’ marketing school is enchantingly hilarious. I feel so accepted and held in our magical group. It’s really beautiful to be in the company of others who truly understand the ups and downs.

I learned that action creates confidence. Not the other way around. And I think that’s why I didn’t get the same results when working with other coaches.

Headmistress runs a tight ship, and she will get you all the way together, but she does it in the most loving way. If you want a no-nonsense mentor to show you what it really takes to get paid, come to class.”
– Lakeisha, book coach

“I’ve conquered my fear of talking about my work, got private clients, created my first group program, and sold and delivered it. With a newborn, I should add. My relationship to my business has changed: this is no longer just a pastime, she is my good friend and getting me out of so much shit I’ve gotten into.”
– Sara, copywriter

“I’m making sales!! While reading to my daughter and even while I’m sleeping! I’m helping people!”
– Sam, tarot reader

“I’m so in love with my business right now. I’ve had an awesome week, great client meetings, networking with a local business to add my services to their roster. And I had a social media post go viral which has given me new leads.”
– Nicole, HD consultant

“I have new clients travelling an hour each way to work with me.”
– Tobie, healer

“I had tried to implement lots of different ideas, none of which seemed to really stick. I made some money but didn’t know how to make it consistently. I was constantly creating new offers and even delving into products as well!!

Since joining PAID I genuinely know I can build a successful business. It’s so simple: you follow the steps and you get paid. You don’t follow them, and you don’t!

I made back my investment with the launch of my first offer. My audience has grown and I have people queuing up to work with me in my next cohort!

Working with Anna is like working with my favourite Tarot deck. Sometimes she tells me the blindingly obvious answer, sometimes she gives me a kick up the butt, but mostly she celebrates me (especially when I forget to do so).”
– Gemma-Marie, psychic mentor

“PAID is the best investment I EVER made in my business. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what’s not working and exactly what to do about it, just sign the fuck up.

I was burned out and ready to quit. Terrified of being visible, and owning my power in public. Even after working privately with a business coach I still couldn’t seem to integrate the key components that translate to getting paid.

Anna lays the information out in practical, bulleted, simple form that is clear, concise, and applicable. Boom. She does not waste anyone’s time.

I learned to be visible. I learned the keys to being known for my expertise that are outrageously simple to execute (thank the gods). And I’ve learned how to slow down and prioritize the tasks that count. I’ve experienced my first seriously easy, simple promotion, and got the most ever registrations. I couldn’t believe it could be so easy, or that it would in fact work BETTER. But it did!

Honestly? I’m most happy that I finally discovered a business coach who isn’t afraid to tell the truth, no holds barred. She admits things no one else dares to admit, which is utterly refreshing. I completely trust her.

My group program has grown by fifty percent in just a few weeks and with the most relaxed promotion period ever. I have more time off AND more clients.

I have never encountered anyone as clear and honest as Anna. To top that off, she makes things so easy to implement it’s ridiculous. She’s the antidote to the mind-numbing noise of all those programs that promise but don’t deliver.

You see results. You get paid.”
– Oceana LeBlanc, Witch & Founder of the Red Tent movement

One hour of highly actionable advice from your favourite marketing witch, strategy Dominatrix, and shadow explorer.

Ask anything; I am an open book.

Yes, I'm ready >>