Quick and Dirty Marketing - Get Rich from Your Spiritual Business

🦊 The Demand Shift is my proven protocol for creating and managing demand.

More demand equals more leads and easier sales. 

In short, the method comprises:

😈 #1 DEMAND POSITIONING: teaches your audience how to think about (and buy from) your brand, so demand is palpable and sales are easy

🦄 #2 The SWEET SPOT Semi-Automatic SALES SYSTEM: a low-input leads machine that protects your time and energy.

🔥 #3 NARRATIVE MAGICK: energetic and magical practices that go beyond ‘mindset’ to make marketing charming, fun and delightfully profitable 💋

Are you ready to grow but somehow not making a lot of progress?

If you have clients (even a few), an audience, and the desire, you are only a few slight adjustments from the business you always knew you could have.

It will only hurt a little bit 😘

Private Clients is my short-term, high-touch mastermind where I support clients to implement The Demand Shift: you can read about it, and how to take the next steps, by clicking the button below 🦊👇