HELIOS: Charisma, Confidence and the Power of the Sun


💋 HELIOS: Confidence, Charisma, and the Power of the SUN

  • - Live five-day workshop with Anna Bellissima
  • - pop-up FB group for community and support
  • Please check your email now for class details, and add anna [at] annabellissima.com to your contacts to be sure of receiving any updates.

    If you experience any difficulties, contact magick [at] annabellissima.com


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Image of MONEY YESTERDAY on smart phone

Money Yesterday

💋 28 Days to Create, Launch and Sell

  • create something irresistible
  • invoke Mercury
  • plan and write promo content
  • weave fate with a Hypersigil
  • launch and sell
  • debrief, review and refine
  • Weekly live Q&A calls
  • Pop-up group for support.

First lesson goes out January 18th.


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DARK: Shadow love meditation

Prescription: at all times, to increase personal power and alleviate symptoms of suffering. Per Dr Carolyn Elliott's Existential Kink.

To be undertaken regularly.

Enjoy a semi-erotic encounter with your unconscious, as you do battle over supremacy for the ultimate prize - your body. Can you tip the balance from pain into pleasure?

Your download link will be sent by email after payment, please check your inbox.


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Smartphone showing Spells for Allure web page

Spells for Allure

💋 SPELLS FOR ALLURE: Glamour Magick for the Modern Witch in Business

  • Recorded workshop with Anna on the fundamentals of Glamour Magick to support your Great Work
  • Written lessons on:
    • glamour rituals, spells and ceremony
    • access on demand to the version of yourself that makes everything possible
    • how to get attention
    • how to hold attention
    • how to make money from attention
    • the care and keeping of your shadow
  • 3 x guided hypnosis journeys

First materials will be sent out 31st October (tbc).

Please add anna [at] needleandhook.co.uk to your contacts to be sure of receiving updates.

Any problems, contact magic [at] needleandhook.co.uk


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close of on black ink handwriting in a journal, neon purple headline reads

True Lies: 21 Days of Enchanted Writing

Daily tasks are sent out at 7am UK time.

Any problems, email magick [at] annabellissima.com


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Poppy field

Thank You, More

Prescription: for those prone to self-sabotage when hitting an upper limit of 'good things'. Repeated use will heal residual shame of asking for 'more' and increase capacity for joy, bliss, love, ease, abundance, opportunity in the nervous system.

Be suspended in space, absorbing more and more of everything that you crave. Emerge awakened and energised - not recommended for use at bedtime.

After payment you will be sent a pdf document with a link to stream the meditation.


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Business Spirit graphic with fox

Business Spirit: Meet the Genius at Work

Prescription: ideal for anyone in business, particularly those experiencing overwhelm or struggle.

To be undertaken seated with the spine straight if possible.

Enjoy a visceral encounter with the Spirit of Your Business, for you have been chosen among all others to be their channel into this reality. Reframe any perception of them as a helpless entity that requires your constant attention - instead, they will be the wisdom who guides you.

Your download link will be sent by email after payment.


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An illustration from a children's book shows a young child with their arms around the next of an exceptionally large white swan

The Mercury in Gemini Primer: Magic in Marketing

A four-part class, including:

  • Practical advice and exercises for magnetising your copywriting
  • Magical practices to increase the ease, flow and fun of being in business
  • Weekly support Q&A (in FB group)
  • One private consult with Anna
  • One additional place on the course for free.*
    * Gift a free spot to a friend who needs it, or agree to split the cost.

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The sun in a blue sky, rays of light forming a cross. The healing 'The Glow Up' appears in neon effect type on the dark silhouette of trees in the foreground.

The Glow Up: Strengthening the Light Body

Prescription: ideal for pre-magic preparations, or to correct a feeling of helplessness. This is the meditation referenced in my workshop on Magic to Get What You Want (LINK)

To be undertaken seated with the spine straight if possible.

Be held in light from above and below, purifying and energising: experience the radiance of your own auric body, and how simple it can be to boost it with endless universal energy. Emerge awakened and energised - not recommended for the hours just before bed.

Your download link will be sent by email after payment.


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The thinnest sliver of a crescent moon hangs low in a dark sky, behind a silhouette of trees. The headline

Turning New: a Guided Journey to Meet the New Moon

Prescription: particularly beneficial for anyone wishing to shed outgrown emotions, behaviours or connections; but generally of use to all at the commencement of a new lunar cycle.

Visit La Luna in the first moments of her waxing journey in this beautiful, starlit 20-minute meditation. The perfect accompaniment to a New Moon bathing ritual [LINK]

Open your heart and mind to her wisdom and messages regarding your intentions for the next phase of the moon. Emerge refreshed and renewed, with celestial power speeding your efforts this month.

Your download link will be sent by email shortly after payment.

Photo by Terry Richmond on Unsplash



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