Unleash magic (including synchronicity, joy, flow, confidence and giggly excitement) on your messaging, marketing and copywriting...

... create dramatic outcomes and ‘real world’ results...

... with private alchemical mentoring where you're lavished with unreasonable amounts of encouragement,  celebrated in your shadow and your light - and left with no way to fail.

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£999 commencing 12th Jan

If you’re a magical person with an online business...

… I’m willing to bet you’ve entertained the thought that marketing – getting more customers – is difficult, horrible, confusing and maybe even painful.

It’s a “necessary evil”.

You can keep feeding that endearing personal demon; the one who lives in the chasm between what you say you want and what you’re actually doing…

… or you can explore your unconscious, play with your demons, and return triumphant, ablaze with inspiration, insight, and action.

That’s what I teach: how to take action on the things you say you want

The strange spells of marketing that make magic happen. Taking this step is an act of devotion and initiation into metaphysical workings. No way back: step boldly forward, heart wide open, and trust the path to form beneath your feet.

PAID : the strange spells of marketing

A 90-day quest - including personal coaching support and guidance - that gives you the exact magical, practical, and energetic tasks to create a masterpiece; a business that pays you and feeds your soul.

I teach this so you can:
🕯 Be fearless: the minimum requirement for rapid growth
🕯 Cultivate a devoted audience who yearn to hear from you
🕯 Be infectiously delighted to talk about your work, and how people can give you money…
🕯 … thus filling your business with clients and delicious opportunities
🕯 Always know exactly how to create more cashflow
🕯 Take people’s money

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£999 starts 12th Jan 2022Lifetime access. If you’ve previously purchased one of my group classes, ask me for a code.

I’m Anna Bellissima: ceremonial magician, copywriter, witch, teacher and marketing mentor for spiritual business owners.

I came by this work the (dis)honest way: 15 years as senior creative in busy ad agencies.

During a long battle with severe mental illness and psychic disconnection, I began to explore shadow integration and Hermetic magick and discovered the route to heaven.

So when the pandemic wiped out my business overnight, I commanded those forces to make me bolder than I’d ever been before, to help me feed my family and pay my mortgage.

What I got was a super-hot business spirit, intent on serving me with fun, laughter, money, sex and power. A business that feels so good I want to kiss it hard on the mouth at the start of every day

I didn’t know if I could translate what I’d learned into a curriculum – but I gave it a try, ran some tests… and the results were remarkable.

Is this you?

🔥 You have a business – at least a couple of clients – and are confident in the quality of your work.

🔥 You understand that when faced with the thing you say you want, your shadow will be activated – you’re prepared to tolerate high sensation in dedication to your business and your genius.

🔥 You’re hungry for direction and encouragement to take bold steps, engage in adventure and high stakes game play.

🔥 You love to write, talk and communicate and think you do it rather well.

🔥 You have a wicked sense of humour and fascination for the occult arts.

What you need to know about this 90-day group coaching program (with 1:1 support):


💋 90 days of my laser focussed attention on your success

💋 (3) Private Alchemical 30-min 1:1 mentoring sessions for hot seat questioning, gentle domination, wild levels of approval, accountability, support, and utter dedication to your success

💋 (2) Group Activation Calls per month for questions on marketing, copywriting, and magick

💋 Six core curriculum modules on the magical, practical, and energetic tasks that make success inevitable – including your tried-and-tested launch plan

💋 Alchemical Business Facebook community for support, structured networking, HIGH SENSATION games, and Gift Circles

💋 All the copywriting prompts and templates you’ll ever need

💋 Tech handholding sessions.

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£999 commencing 12th Jan* lifetime access. If you’ve previously purchased one of my group classes, ask me for a code.

~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~

Herewith, the Spell:

By reading the words on this page you are implicated in a web of enchantment that inexorably draws only the brave and magical. You’ll know this is you by either (a) the tingling in your body as you read and/or (b) an undeniable sign you have received in the past few days.

Any interaction you make with this page, or with my work, only magnetises my wish for you: that you be prodigiously well PAID for your talents. My intent is knitted into the pixels and code.

HAIL you witches, I share with you my Current of Mercury. Those who seek Freedom I pray you have found the right teacher at the right time, and later will use your wisdom to guide others.

Magick is upon us.

~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~

Here’s what people say about learning from me:

“I’ve taken so many business courses and they all ended up with me hiding away when it was time to launch, no matter how much I wanted it. Working with Anna is a completely different experience. She understands the shadows that protect us from our own success, and she holds your hand as she walks you through the dark. She genuinely cares about every one of her students, and you may find the work addictive! (Oh, and should I mention that I made 10 x what I invested in the class, before it had even finished?!)

I’m grateful beyond words. This class has changed something in me forever! It’s all happening and there’s no going back!”
— Nectaria

“I love your approach, the space you hold for transformation. You anticipate our blocks and lovingly but firmly nudge us forward. You woke up my desire to play, and now I’ve got a confidence and clarity I haven’t had before. This class was far more than I ever expected!”
— LaShanda

“At a time when I truly felt I had nothing to offer the world, you taught me to express myself as a magician. I got weird and wild, and now creativity flows in every part of my life.”
— Laura

“Anna lifts the corner of the veil and gives a peek into what’s possible, then invites us to explore. I’ve taken a couple of Anna’s courses and she helped me realise that my brand of weird has a place in the world, and my magic is potent and needed. Magic doesn’t always seem like a natural companion to business, but it feels so right. I loved it and looked forward to every lesson.”
— Sadie

“Working with Anna has caused me to expand my self worth, build more effective rituals, and receive brilliant guidance in how to own the magic I already am.”
— Elon

“Best results I ever got from following a course. So delighted… THREE EMAILS IN THE PAST 72 HOURS = $3,320, €18,000, $17,000. I like this new game – high stakes and nothing to lose. Thanks for the dance.”
— Gary

This course is tremendously valuable: the world started to unfold like it’s meant to unfold. I stepped into being who I’m meant to be.”
— Jen

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Witch, are yougoing to keepstalling? Put onyour crown.It’s time.

PAID is a priceless initiation on taking fearless action...

… and a 90-day quest to inject magic and power into your marketing, messaging, and copywriting.

It costs £999 for lifetime access (barring bad behaviour) to all classes, group calls, networking and community activities…

… leaving you perfectly placed to make back your investment many, many times over.

If you’re ready to become a force of nature and to get rich in every measure…

Click the link.


*Lifetime access. If you’ve previously purchased one of my group classes, ask me for a code.

What’s included:

Three private mentoring calls for direction, accountability, shadow exploration, practical advice, copy critique – whatever you need to make this the program you complete and which creates significant forward motion in your business.

Collaborating with and being guided by the Spirit of your Business, as well as planetary deities and other helpful spirits, will take you from feeling confused and afraid, to connected and energised. In Lesson 1 you will learn:

  • How to connect with the Spirit of Your Business, and other support from non-physical realms
  • Ways to incinerate the blocks that inevitably come up when we start to do the things we say we want
  • How to connect with clients who can’t get enough of you
  • The method to create clarity on your purpose, and communicate it in a way that’s irresistible
  • What consistent and sustainable looks like for YOU.

Once you’ve discovered that it’s safe to be you , you’ll never worry again about what to say or how to say it. In Lesson 2 you will learn:

  • The magical and practical ways to cultivate the fearlessness to be widely visible
  • What makes you magnetic to the people who are going to buy from you – activating your Glamour Magick
  • Techniques to integrate your hatred and disgust for marketing, and turn it into a joyful part of your business
  • Unlock additional private mentoring by completing the visibility challenge

So that the Spirit of your Business knows you’re serious about success, we’ll create simple systems to increase efficiency, so you don’t have to be in ‘create’ mode all the time. In Lesson 3 you will learn:

  • The different options for marketing your business and figuring out what’s right for you
  • A 21 day process to grow your email list
  • Systems for reusing and repurposing everything you create, and why it’s good to take a lazy approach
  • Who to talk to and how, to create power and momentum in your business

The world needs many more magical leaders like you – as your business grows, you’ll need to stand for something and discover what ethical influence means to you. In Lesson 4 you will learn:

  • How to think of Leadership in a way that doesn’t cause you to shut down from old wounds of authority
  • What kind of community you want to lead – or what kind of party you want to throw!
  • Systems for self-care and resilience, including excellent boundaries: leadership and visibility come with risks
  • How to live in integrity with your message
  • How to become known for creating breakthroughs

Does ‘selling’ feel gross? Do you hate and despise asking people to give you money? In Lesson 5 we will cover:

  • How to create a Thing (a product, service or offer) your audience will lap up like greedy kittens at a bowl of cream
  • A 28 day no-fail process to create, promote and sell a mid-priced offer – in other words, a way to create money from your imagination
  • The systems and energetics that support you in taking people’s money

It’s important to know that you can absolutely have a successful business without being a great copywriter. BUT if you love writing and want to make your copy ZING with magic, in Lesson 6 you will learn:

  • A ritual to get you into the creative flow of writing
  • Understanding grammar and structure
  • How to refine and edit your copy
  • All the templates and prompts you need to write your own sales pages, email sequences and more


☿ Lifetime access to current and future lessons on magick, alchemy, creativity, confidence, email marketing, selling, personal branding and more

☿ Alchemical community and networking, HIGH SENSATION games and Gift Circles

☿ Templates and prompts for all the copy you need

☿ Two group calls per month (lifetime access) on magical and marketing matters

☿ Tech hand-holding sessions.

More of what people say about learning from me:

“Anna’s classes are accessible, practical, and right on point. There is no fluff here. I learned how to organise my thinking, as well as very clear steps on how to inspire authentic connection with an audience. Anna is SUPER present throughout the whole process, you do not want to miss her live sessions. I highly recommend, especially if you’re struggling to figure things out for yourself. You’ll get the tools you need here.”
— Jeana

“Solid gold. This was one of the most practical and applicable workshops I’ve been in. It’s so rare to hear copywriting and marketing spoken about in such an artful, compelling and coherent way. Such a turn on.”
— Nikki

“This work is a tantric experience. When I reach these levels I know I’m being held deeply – I’m safe to do what I need to do.”
— Lisa

“I love the care, attention and intelligence Anna puts into her stuff. Through her class I’ve seen an increase in work coming to me and a path ahead for what I want to achieve that feels doable, sane and supported by a great group.”
— Sophie

“After the second lesson, I did one of the rituals that got me into this phenomenal mindset and I spent the whole day writing – it just flowed.”
— Jen

“I let go of fear and limitation. Now I know anything is possible.”
— Chelvi

“You make magic so easy to understand and practice. It’s brilliant. You can quote me.”
— Robyn

“You jumped in with me when I was lost. You gave me clarity about the value of what I do; you painted a picture of my work that changed my business.”
— Laura

“Unlike any course I’ve done before. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone.”
— Maria

“I had such a huge block and this class has dissolved it! Things are really moving now – it’s all showing up and I’m starting to get spoiled.”
— Laura

“What I got was the most powerful, beautiful, profound experience; it was magic in action, and I know I’ve only seen the start of it. Anna is incredibly clear, sharp and direct, but mixes it with so much love. It’s a joy to work with her.”
— Fiona


Did your previous programmes include private mentoring with a witch and highly magical being? Regular calls with me will include shadow excavation, benevolent domination (and virtual spanking if necessary) and my shared magick, my borrowed energy and my relentless devotion to your success.

This programme also includes my personal dedication – as a witch and highly magical being – to your success: my shared magick, my borrowed energy, and my relentless faith in your magic.

If you’ve never deployed magical practice and shadow work in your business marketing, buckle up because this is quite a ride. This magick is a short cut to the kind of personal development that takes years in therapy (as a long-time devotee of psychoanalysis) and enables you to do the work that makes rapid growth possible.

If you’re claiming the early enrolment bonus, you can book your mentoring calls and get started right away. The container officially opens early January and you have lifetime access to all lessons, and group calls and events.

Yes it can. You will learn how to set up and grow a mailing list – or how to promote your work without one.

Five minutes of reading and ten minutes on a practical exercise daily can change the trajectory of your business.

🎶 6 x 30 minute mentoring calls with Anna

🎶 Group calls (1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month) 1hr – audio recordings will be available

🎶 1 x session (60 mins) of HIGH SENSATION games per month

🎶 1 x Gift Circle (alchemical networking) per month (60 mins)

🎶 3 x 10 minutes per week to give and receive support and encouragement in the group.

That’s really not a huge amount of time to do something that will be so very valuable and nurturing to your future success, and which will bring more of your magick to the planet.

It is not. PAID will help you start building a brand that magnetises customers without relying on complex tech.

I’m not planning to do so, but we will talk a lot about how to grow without ads – and how (and what) to effectively delegate.

We will certainly learn about how to write more compelling copy, and work on the personal transformation which makes you feel so much more confident about everything you’re doing, that you don’t really care whether your copy is ‘good enough’ or not.

If you’re making the money you want, and marketing is fun and easy (or you’re paying someone else so you don’t have to think about it), then you don’t need this class.

The policy is that I don’t offer refunds. As you can tell from the recommendations on this page, I’m a brilliant teacher and devoted to the success of my students.

When you sign up you commit to paying the full amount, so please only enrol if you trust me to teach you, and you’re ready to do the work and enjoy deep growth.

The kind of people who want to work with me are typically clever, funny, brave and open-minded. Anyone who disrupts the atmosphere of mutual respect, kindness and generosity will be removed without a second thought (and without a refund).

The delightful positive effects of magic have been experienced by thousands of magicians over millennia. Miraculous transformation is within everyone’s grasp, but centuries of anti-magical culture has obscured how accessible and efficient a route to success this is.


💋 Three private mentoring calls (plus additional calls available at a special student rate) for practical advice, shadow exploration, and gentle domination to ensure your success

💋 Lessons on the magical, practical and energetic tasks that make success inevitable – including guided quests The Summoning (21 days to build your email list) and Money Yesterday (28 days to create, promote and sell a new offer)

💋 Private alchemical business community for support, structured networking, HIGH SENSATION games and Gift Circles

💋 Two group calls per month for questions on marketing, copywriting and magic

💋 All the copywriting prompts and templates you need

💋 Tech handholding sessions.

Yes I’m Ready!

£999 commencing 12th Jan* lifetime access. If you’ve previously purchased one of my classes, ask me for a code.

Income Disclaimer

This programme includes advice and strategies to help Business Owners to create and sell products and services.

We make no implied or express guarantee of results.

Please use your personal discretion when deciding whether to invest in any new Business Strategy or Guidance and understand that you assume all financial risk and potential expenses for any decisions you make in this respect.