Working with me is not to everyone's tastes: it may be right for you if you:

  • constantly second-guess your ideas and decisions and lose faith in what you’re doing when you don’t see instant results.
  • are very much turned off by the idea of exhausting launches, upsells, downsells, trip wires, squeeze pages and funnels.
  • know that your business could be bigger, better, more fun, more lucrative, more (insert your own marker of success here) BUT you just can’t figure out to make it happen.
  • are excellent at sabotaging your own efforts.
  • occasionally feel lonely and unsupported as a being who is both spiritually or mystically-minded, and also extremely ambitious.
  • have a persistent feeling of overwhelm and that you’re not doing ‘enough’.
  • find it difficult to prioritise from the long list of business tasks you feel you should be doing.
  • are not consistently reaching the really quite modest income target you set as a monthly minimum.
  • see people (who you secretly know are less talented thank you) attract opportunities and success because they’re more confident and outgoing.
  • suspect you may fear success as much as you fear failure.
  • believe in magic, have seen and experienced transformation, yet when it comes to business you get mostly lacklustre results.
  • you’ve seen wild synchronicities, experienced blissful flow states, and wish you could just have a step by step process for creating that power at will.

Hmm, if only there were some kind of magic spell to solve all this...

Send a message (just click the button below) with any and all questions, and I’ll get back to you just as quickly as I can 💋☿🦊

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