The Fated Forecast Method shown on two journal pages with crystals (quartz, serpentine and a mixed bead mala necklace on top)

The Fated Forecast Method

The Fated Forecast Method: the only prediction tool you need, step by step We all experience extremely difficult circumstances, events piling on like nihilist teens in a mosh-pit. Leaving us jostled and bruised. In these times we wish for the gift of knowing: how, when, and by what means the tangled mesh that traps us…

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Calling forth magic: a fox talisman, a Christian cross, some orange flowers and a couple of flat, polished crystals rest on a turquoise surface

Your Business Doesn’t Need Your Authenticity

Why Your Business Doesn't Need Your Authenticity: Eight Ways to Inject Magic Instead Marketing experts love to speak about 'authenticity’, as do folks in the networks and structures set up to support women starting out in business. But your business doesn't need your authenticity. Unfortunately, the advice is handed…

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A crystal grid on a wooden altar top, featuring rose quartz, aphophyllite, kyanite, rose petals and more. A figurine of Fortuna stands at the head, and two candles and joss-sticks are burning.

Rose Quartz – a ritual for self-love

Rose Quartz - a simple ritual for deep self-love. This journey with will connect you with the energy of unconditional love and acceptance, and brings it with you into the 'real world' as you return to normal life. It ends with a meditation prescription for those feeling rejected, unappreciated, or careworn. You will…

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Be the Witch altar to Jupiter with purple candles, magic sigils, crystal offerings on a metal try

Be the witch

My tarot card drawn this morning is the Ace of Cups: become conscious of Spirit, the guiding force, and allow it to speak. Be the witch. It’s been a tiresome few weeks, including childhood trauma retriggered, oceans of mud, and a spiral fracture to the 5th metatarsal - nothing earth-shattering but enough to remind me…

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A white roll-top bath with a bathmat hanging neatly over the edge, ready for new moon ritual bathing.

A New Moon Bathing Ritual – your step-by-step guide

After performing this exact New Moon bathing ritual in October (adapted from the far more rigorous version from Sphere & Sundry), I sat in my nightgown on the lawn under the cloudless night sky, eating a square of dark chocolate while my dog snuffled around in the shadows. In that moment I realised that I couldn't…

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Spring water for St Nicholas ritual for the dead

All Saints Day – St Nicholas ritual for the dead

This ritual for the dead calls in the power of an experienced and effective intermediary: St Nicholas. And All Saints Day - November 1st - is the perfect day to do it. St Nicholas worked and continues to work with and for the dead. If the overt Christianity in the incantation is troubling to you, you may certainly…

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