The Fated Forecast Method: the only prediction tool you need, step by step

We all experience extremely difficult circumstances, events piling on like nihilist teens in a mosh-pit. Leaving us jostled and bruised. In these times we wish for the gift of knowing: how, when, and by what means the tangled mesh that traps us might ever possibly resolve. The Fated Forecast Method puts it firmly within the magician’s hands to decide upon and create our exceptionally and unexpectedly agreeable upshot to this tragic story.

And in far less dire circumstances the method is extremely potent in opening the road ahead and making outcomes unrestrainedly positive.

Personally I make a point of creating a Fated Forecast during phase where my nerve is tested, and before any event that is important to me – for example:

  • I wrote a sales page including a couple of sentences about how wonderful I feel when I receive messages from strangers, saying “I don’t know if I need a copywriter, but I know I definitely want to work with you.” The next morning she was there in my inbox, exactly as described.
  • Before leading a magical workshop I write a Forecast predicting the incredible magic incoming – to people taking the workshop but also to me – as a result. It has never failed.

The Fated Forecast: background

The method is derived from the ‘hypersigil’ developed and popularised by Chaos Magician Grant Morrison in the early years of this century. Here is what he says:

“The ‘hypersigil’ incorporates elements such as characterisation, drama and plot. The hypersigil is a sigil* extended through the fourth dimension… an immensely powerful and sometimes dangerous method for actually altering reality in accordance with intent. Results can be remarkable and shocking.”

Morrison’s own hypersigil was a comic book series written over six years. I offer my truncated method as the only tool of prediction you will never need.

Gather your materials – a quiet place to write, paper and pen.

  1. Take a few mindful breaths, bring your energy back to your body. Become grounded.
  2. Project your energy (this means, ‘imagine yourself’) a few years hence, in a time when all the things you desire today, one hundred per cent of them, have manifested. You live in your perfect home, in your ideal relationship situation, doing work that lights you up with passion while maintaining plenty of time for self-care. Allow yourself a few minutes to bring that scene to vivid life through all your senses.
  3. Now pick up your pen and start to write the story of the intervening years: between the objectively here and now (the Very Difficult Stuckness you find yourself in), and the fulfilled and happy You from three years hence. You might begin, “Early 2021 was so tough, I wondered how I would survive: but looking back, I can see they really marked a turning point for me. I couldn’t have predicted the opportunities at arose…”
  4. Continue writing about the journey that began today, itemising some of the extremely precious things you learned, relationships you made or healed, opportunities that were presented, and how they all pointed you towards the ultimate success you now enjoy.
  5. Over the coming weeks, repeat daily or as often as you can, creating many new, interesting, circuitous, poetic, magical, mundane, entertaining variations, all of which illustrate the ways your current path is the one that leads to inevitable triumph.

* if you’re interested in learning more about this kind of magic, save a space at my April workshop